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23-09-09, 17:11
Per freebmd he is
born 1846
marries 1883 to Ruth Brock (who dies 1898 aged 53)
dies 1904
All in the Salisbury area.

But I cannot find him on any census post 1861 (when the name is understandably mistranscribed as Honn)

Even if he were in the army, surely he would be out by 1901?

In 1871, Mum is in prison, Dad John Horne is in Salisbury with the younger children. I can account for all the other children, but where is Walter?

(NB It looks as if Ruth is by herself in Salisbury in 1891)

23-09-09, 18:31
What's his birthplace on the 1851 and 1861 censuses?

23-09-09, 18:40
The children ususually say Salisbury, but might use either East Harnham or Britford. (I think it's down as Salesbury in 1861)

23-09-09, 19:18
His marriage is on the IGI to confirm who married whom, at least: Walter Horne married Ruth Brock 24 Aug 1883 St Martin, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

23-09-09, 19:21
Phoenix - what was his mother in prison for? Maybe Walter was a naughty boy too.

Though I do have men in my and my ex's trees who are just never around at census time. I strongly suspect they were at the pub!

23-09-09, 21:07
Nell, his mother was a hardened criminal, lol! Her sentences get steadily harsher & harsher till she ends up in Millbank for 7yrs. Usually larceny.

Her mother was acquitted for an offence, one of her brothers did join the army, but still couldn't keep out of trouble - he's in Maidstone Jail, under initials in one census.

My gg grandfather ran away from home, & I'm not surprised!

Kite, the daft thing is, I'm sure I saw the original of that marriage. I've certainly extracted all the burials, but don't remember any useful comments on the marriage, like occupation.

Grr. I wouldn't mind if the vital events were scattered round the country, but he's clearly homing back to Salisbury. (His parents found the city too hot for them, & fled the county)

Still, his Aunt Fanny (no better than she ought to be) disappeared for one census & his Uncle Peter is either under a hedge in 41, or calling himself Haines.

Thanks for looking, guys.

23-09-09, 22:07
Found him in 1891! Ancestry have him down as Walter Home, son of "Janes" and Rosaline Thornton, but actually they are next door to him.

102 Needwood Street, Harpurhey, Manchester:
Walter Horne - M 39 General Laborer Salisbury Wilts

RG12; Piece: 3245; Folio 119; Page 29

23-09-09, 22:18
And in 1901 they have him transcribed as Home too. In the "Common Laying House" in St Martin, Salisbury. Says he's widowed, occupation Railway Carman(?) RG13; Piece: 1954; Folio: 153; Page: 19.

24-09-09, 15:04
Kite, I could dance!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much. Another little black sheep returned to the fold. I always wondered how his brothers got to Surrey, but Manchester is far more exotic. (To a southerner, anyway!)