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23-09-09, 16:21
Hi Folks,

I have just had an email offering a special 25% deal on the 'World Collection' subscription on WorldVitalRecords, which is $79.95 (roughly £50 Sterling, I think). I take it this would be a yearly sub? Would any of you know whether it would be worth my while subscribing to this site, and whether or not it has a whole lot more than Ancestry.co.uk., can offer at the moment. I do subscribe to Ancestry anyway, so this deal would be in addition to.

Many thanks - Chris

23-09-09, 17:49
I had the freebie access to this recently and found nothing I think Babs had a bit of luck, but I don;t think it's anything like Find My Past or Ancestry.

I definitely wouldn't pay for it, but no doubt it all depends what you are looking for.

23-09-09, 17:51
Chrissie all I found was reference to one of my Murtons doing desertion in paper which I already had via Gales free trial on newspapers ;;
I also was offered that and deleted it lol sorry ;;

23-09-09, 18:10
I didn't find anything either when I had the free access.

I got the same offer, but don't think I'll bother.

23-09-09, 18:30
I certainly wouldn't think of it as an alternative to findmypast or ancestry. If it says it has UK BMD's or something like that, it is not the full index like you would get on those sites, just a few entries. Most of the stuff on there is USA-oriented. I'm sure the money could be much better spent, for instance when the 1911 sub becomes available on findmypast in about 4 weeks' time.

23-09-09, 20:02
Thanks everybody for your advice! I think I shall save my pennies and subscribe to findmypast instead - especially when they do have the 1911 on line, as Kite suggests. I have done a pay-to-view thingy on findmypast occasionally, but reckon that must cost a lot overall when it boils down to it! As WorldVitalRecords seems to be very American records orientated, I can't see it will be too informative as regards my family as very few of 'em even went north of Watford....:d


23-09-09, 21:55
Chrissie, you will be able to subscribe to just the 1911 census if you like, you won't have to take out a full sub to the whole of findmypast to get the 1911.

24-09-09, 09:59
Thanks for that, Kite. I think I shall take out a six month's sub for findmypast anyway, which will work out to pretty much the same as WorldVitalRecords in the long run, and then see what the 1911 census tots up as on the findmypast when it is on-line. Funnily enough, I have just received an email from FMP, and their 'special offer' looks quite tempting.