View Full Version : Any idea what you think this word says?

Durham Lady
23-09-09, 14:30
I received a death certificate ( year 1961) this am and the writing on it is dreadful, no wonder Drs get a bad name :rolleyes:

I can work out most of the cause of death and know what they are but the
1st word on the second line is beyond me. Can anyone work it out please?

1a is Acute anoxic cor pulmonale

b ? broncho pneumonia (Could it be Inflmensal????)

c Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema


23-09-09, 14:39
?? Influenzal

Durham Lady
23-09-09, 14:44
Oh yes Elaine, couldn't see it myself until you mentioned it :d Thank you.

That was my cousins widower, he was only 39. She had died 3 years before at only 33.
Family stories were he died of a broken heart.