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Rosie Knees
23-09-09, 11:53
Please could someone see if they can find Mary Hipple on the 1841? I'm blowed if I can find her. The surname spelling varies, HIPPLE, HIPPEL, HIPWELL.

She married Henry Norman 30/08/1845 in Ely (thanks Nell) at which time she was a minor. Her father is William. She was born Cambs, I thought Prickwillow but the 51 says Ely.

Henry and Mary were both dead by 1854 (source BMD and no sign of them on any census thereafter).

I THINK I have got her on the 1851 in Ely (piece 1764, folio 447 page 16) but it is niggling me. No idea why. There are some Hippels are the previous page, presumably Mary's family. If I could see Mary on the 41 with these Hippels I think it would set my mind at rest.

Thanks for looking. Heading for home at 1; back on line by 1.45 hopefully.

23-09-09, 12:15
Yes, they're at Ely Trinity / Ely St Mary, Middle Fir(?) Bank
William Hiple 40 Lab Y
Susanna Do 35 Y
Thomas Do 15 Y
Mary Do 12 Y
Elizabeth Do 5 Y
George Do 4 Y
William Do 1 Y

23-09-09, 12:18
Oh, looking at the 1851 it's Middle Fen Bank, isn't it? And since the Normans are also at that address in 1851 and the Hipples look like the same family who had Mary with them in 1841, it all seems to tie up nicely.

Rosie Knees
23-09-09, 13:02
Thanks Kate, that sets my mind at rest. Another variation on the spelling.

On the 51, what do you think it says in the address: "Middle Fen Bank in Paduel/Padrel"?

23-09-09, 13:06
Looks like Padnel to me.

Rosie Knees
23-09-09, 13:10
Thanks Kate.

I think I broke Ancestry trying to look at them in 41 lol. It keeps timing out but I'll persist:(

Rosie Knees
23-09-09, 13:33
yep, it's Padnel. Been looking on Google earth and in Prickwillow to the east of Ely there is a river (fen?) running through it and one side is called Pandel bank and the other is called Branch bank :D