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22-09-09, 18:33
I have a baptism in 1824 showing fathers occupation as 'Pensioner' could this be significant? I may be showing my ignorance but I thought 'Pensioner' was a more modern word xxhugxx

22-09-09, 18:35
I know there were army pensioners in those days, so I would guess he was probably ex-army.

22-09-09, 18:39
Ahh thank you so very much. It is lovely to be able to ask questions on here that have been bugging me for ages, never could quite get the confidence next door xxhugxx

Val in Oz
23-09-09, 10:53
Also naval pensioners Lindy - and the East India Company gave out pensions too

23-09-09, 11:02
Above all, it means there may be RECORDS! Put his name into TNA's catalogue, together with (in the bottom box) either WO97 or ADM.

oRDINARY SOLDIERS DISCHARGED TO PENSIONS AT THAT DATE SHOULD CERTAINLY be in the Catalogue. I think seamen may be fully catalogued at a later date, but it's worth trying.

23-09-09, 11:14
My ggg grandfather was 'pensioner' in 1833 when his son was baptised. He had been in the Royal Marines................unfortunately I could never find anything on TNA's catalogue, or even when my sister went to Kew.

Fortunately, I did get a researcher who found all his records, loads of paper...lol

23-09-09, 12:08
Okey dokey will have a look thank you xxhugxx

23-09-09, 12:10
No results that I can see xxhugxx

24-09-09, 04:14
Lindy..............is there an older sibling you could check. Mine had pensioner on his last child's baptism but 'serjeant Royal Marines' on the older boy's.