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Joan of Archives
22-09-09, 18:29
I am trying to find a marriage for Susanna(h) WILLS to William JONES (don't all groan at once lol). These are the ones that ended up in Suffolk by the Shannon coach as he was the driver lol!

Now their first born was probably Henry William JONES sometimes known as Harry and he was born approx 1818 in Hanbrook or Frenchay Gloucestershire. Susanna was born in 1796 in Dawlish Devon according to the census; I have no idea where or when William JONES was born as he (in) conveniently died on Christmas Day 1839 :( Susanna was left with 11 children to bring up :eek:

The thing is a kind member will be looking at a possible marriage for me tomorrow, & I would like any opinions as to whether the marriage in London in Feb 1822 could be possible or likely in view of the fact that Susanna was a school teacher & William a coach driver or proprietor or even gentleman by the marriage cert of one son in 1875 even though he was deceased nearly 40 years earlier lol!

My thoughts are that maybe this was his 2nd marriage so maybe he was a widower when he got married to her?

27 FEB 1822 St Georges, Westminster, London, England


22-09-09, 18:32
A marriage in London is possible. But can't say if its the right one and at that early date you may not be able to tell either, as fathers' names and occupations aren't included on certs from that date. The witnesses might be a clue if you are lucky.

Joan of Archives
22-09-09, 18:48
Hello cousin! lol!

Well I suppose that it would be a good thing if the witnesses were not related, as they could then just be people they picked up off the street :d If they are relatives then that would probably rule out it being the right marriage :rolleyes:

I know what I mean even if nobody else does :d

22-09-09, 19:27
Have you seen a baptism for the eldest son (or any of them?!) to check if Susannah was the mother to them all?

Assuming she is though, I would say it's unlikely the London marriage is the one, partly because of the travelling and partly because it's a bit late and partly because - well, why should it be the one??!

I just think there most be hundreds of thousands of marriage in Gloucestershire (or Devon) that are not easily available, so they could easily have married there.

I think you would need some positive proof this is the right marriage and I'm not sure how this is going to be possible.

Sorry to be a wet blanket. ;(

Joan of Archives
22-09-09, 19:32
You can be a wet blanket anytime you like Merry lol! :d

No I haven't seen the baptism record for Henry William as I don't think I've enough years in my life left to look through the name Jones in Glos :rolleyes:

From the odd census he does appear in he seems to put either "Hambrook" or "Hanbrook" or "Frenchay" as his place of birth around 1818. I don't know of anyone willing to look for me, I have no idea where to start as Bristol is HUGE :d

22-09-09, 19:34
This sounds like most lines in my tree around this date! I have to admit I've never bothered to even try to find out anything because I've always imagined I would find several possible entries (and in large towns where would you start?) and wouldn't know which was the right one!

22-09-09, 22:06
Let's see, Henry William Jones, baptised 15th Aug 1819, St James, parents William and Susanna. Abode Winterbourne, occupation Servant.

Joan of Archives
22-09-09, 22:17
Hi Kite

I don't think that's him. William wasn't a servant he drove a coach & Winterbourne is Dorset isn't it? :confused:

22-09-09, 22:24
There are loads of Winterbournes but this must be one in Gloucestershire because it is a Bristol baptism.

22-09-09, 22:26
*looks at map*

Hambrook is just a few miles south west of Winterbourne, by the look of it.

Joan of Archives
22-09-09, 22:53
Kite where are you finding that as I can't seem to get it at all?


23-09-09, 11:13
Have to say, Joan, for every coach driver on a stagecoach, there would be hundreds who were employed by families and therefore described as servants. And they could swap between the two at any time.

Joan of Archives
23-09-09, 12:16
I know it's a complete nightmare lol!

This is one reason why I just haven't spent much time on this line as I knew it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack :rolleyes:

23-09-09, 13:05
Anyway, I've found a possible marriage for them in Bedminster, have already PM'd Joan the details.