View Full Version : Whatever happened to Sarah?

21-09-09, 07:45

I'm looking into one of my family lines and have got to Benjamin Jackaman from Stowmarket (born 1805) who I know married Sarah Horrex (also 1805 from Stowmarket) in 1828. I know he got sent to Australia in the late 1830's leaving her behind, but I am having difficulty pinpointing what happened to her after for definite. One hint was that she remarried ~ 1842, but the marriage certifcate lists her as a spinster with the wrong father listed . Any help?

21-09-09, 08:23
There is a Sarah Jackaman age 35 female servant at Butter Market, Stowmarket in 1841. Then there is a death Jul-Sep 1848 Stow district - have you looked into that one already?

21-09-09, 08:25
And looking at the National Burial Index free search on findmypast, it lists a Sarah Jackaman buried in Suffolk 1848 age 42, so I would think that very likely to be your Sarah.

22-09-09, 09:08
that seems so sad - left behind with four kids whilst he went on and remarried. I was hoping for a happy ending for her!