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Joan of Archives
20-09-09, 20:45
Sorry! :o

Henry William Jones married a Mary Freeman in Suffolk (Blything) in 1842.

Now he may be known as William Jones on the 1841, or else his brother is William :rolleyes:

Mother is Susanna Jones for ref 1841 :

Class: HO107; Piece 1017; Book: 12; Civil Parish: Yoxford; County: Suffolk; Enumeration District: 9; Folio: 15; Page: 23;

Susanna was born in Dawlish Devon, & the first two children on the 1841 census Elizabeth & Eliza were born in Starcross Devon.
However poor Susanna was a widow by 1840 with 9 children according to the Ipswich papers, her husband William Jones was a coachman so I have no idea where he was born (I'm sorry lol) There was another son Benjamin who was born in Yoxford.

I want to trace Charles Jones b. abt 1831 and Henry William b. approx 1822-25.

As Susanna was a schoolteacher I think Henry may have been the same but I am not sure. Another son Edward ended up in London after leaving Suffolk, as did Benjamin.

Where is Henry William Jones 1851 onwards? Where was he born? It wasn't Wales :rolleyes: I would dearly like to find where he was born, as I don't even know where William snr & Susanna married, there is no record of a marriage in Devon.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

Chrissie Smiff
21-09-09, 08:53
Hi Jo

Have you got the William death cert? This looks a possibility as Yoxford comes under Blything.

Deaths Dec 1839
JONES William Blything 13 274

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Chrissie Smiff
21-09-09, 08:57
According to the 1841 census the next three children, William, Mary and Charles were all born out of County too. Only Edward and Thomas were born in County.

Chrissie Smiff
21-09-09, 09:24
I am getting really confused now ;( If Susanna was a widow by 1840 how did Benjamin manage to be born later? The one I've found was born in 1842!!

How old is Henry William on his marriage cert in 1842?

21-09-09, 09:48
I am getting really confused now ;( If Susanna was a widow by 1840 how did Benjamin manage to be born later? The one I've found was born in 1842!!

You must have led a very sheltered life, Chrissie, lol!

Joan of Archives
21-09-09, 10:05
LOL Chrissie!!

No my Benjamin was born around 1835, he is with another household in 1841, I don't know why?

Here he is in 1851 :

HO107; Piece: 2169; Folio: 622; Page: 15; GSU roll: 87155-87156.

With sisters Eliza Jones & Emma Flintoff (yes I could be related to Freddie :eek:)

*Tuts* at Kite my Susanna was a school Marm I'll have you know :rolleyes:

Joan of Archives
21-09-09, 10:11
And Benjamin in 1841 :

Class: HO107; Piece 1020; Book: 10; Civil Parish: Kesgrave; County: Suffolk; Enumeration District: 3; Folio: ; Page: 15; Line: 16; GSU roll: 474636.

That is my William's death in 1839, he drove the Shannon coach between Yoxford & Devon :rolleyes: I haven't got his death certificate yet it's on my shopping list but I have the obituary from the Ipswich paper mentioning how well loved he was & his poor widow left with 11 children to support :eek:


Joan of Archives
21-09-09, 10:22
"On 25th instant after a lingering illness of nearly 14 months Mr William Jones of Yoxford, driver of the Shannon coach. His death is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends, and he has left a widow & 11 children, totally unprovided for to deplore their loss."

There was a daughter Ellen, who was born 1839 & died in 1840 before the 1841 census. That still leaves 10 other children :rolleyes: I think Charles was the last one born elsewhere so they must have arrived in Yoxford around 1835.

Chrissie Smiff
21-09-09, 10:37
LOL Kite :d:d

LOL Jo - I have to go now but I will have another look later if someone hasn't solved it all :)

Oakum Picker
21-09-09, 13:59
It looks like William died. There is a burial at Yoxford.
William JONES s. William/Susan 5/9/1846 Aged 20

Joan of Archives
21-09-09, 15:25
It looks like William died. There is a burial at Yoxford.
William JONES s. William/Susan 5/9/1846 Aged 20

Oh dear! Thanks Glen.

I think I found Henry as Harry in 1871 :

Class: RG10; Piece: 853; Folio: 36; Page: 25; GSU roll: 827761.

With a Flintoff & Susanna Jones born in Dawlish which is the right one. No where was Henry born? Gloucestershire? Hanbrook? Any opinions anyone?

Oakum Picker
21-09-09, 15:55
Looks like Hanbrook but can't see such a place. There is a Hambrook on the outskirts of Bristol.

Joan of Archives
21-09-09, 16:01
Thanks Glen. I wonder where on earth Susanna Wills married William Jones then?? There is a marriage in 1822 in London, but it doesn't appear in the LMA records online :(

I am on a roll lol!

I found Thomas & Edward both marrying in London, & my 2 x great granddad was witness on both marriages :d

For some reason both of them forgot to mention that their father William was deceased by 1857 & 1872 (when they married) & whilst the father was a "Coach Proprietor" in 1857 he had suddenly become a "Gentleman" by 1872 even though he had died in 1839 :rolleyes:

The moral is don't believe everything that is on a marriage certificate lol!

Joan of Archives
21-09-09, 16:03
Oh I forgot, I have accounted for all 11 children, Emma was the first born I think in 1818 also looks like Hambrook? she was the one married to one of Freddie's kin (Flintoff) lol!

Can anyone find where Susanna was in 1861? I still can't see her!