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20-09-09, 19:42
I have two children baptised together at a late age (11 + 9).

Under parents it says Joseph (Dd) and Susannah.

Does anyone else agree this is probably an abbreviation for deceased? It's the first time I've seen it mentioned on a baptism

If anyone wants to see what I mean I'm looking at LMA for William Thomas Lemmon baptised 20 Apr 1904



20-09-09, 20:09
I would say yes, but I can't see a death, assuming Joseph is the one aged 31 in 1891, a cabinet maker. I can't see any of his family in 1901.

20-09-09, 20:16
Yep = he's a cabinet maker.

Joseph THomas Lemmon born 1860 Bethnal Green

married Susannah brock

Ethel Susannah 1883
Maude EMily 1887
Lily Elizabeth 1889
George WIlliam 1890
Florence Mary Ann 1892
William Thomas 1895

All Bethnal Green although the two late baptisms were in Haggerston (part of Hackney)

20-09-09, 20:44
So, is this him?

Deaths Dec 1902
Lemon Joseph Thomas 44 Epsom 2a 23

I had been looking for Samuel instead of Joseph, by mistake!

20-09-09, 21:02
ooooh - yes, very likely Merry. Although Epsom is a fair way from Bethnal Green. And recently (in living memory) it contained a lot of mental care institutions. I wonder if these were old enough to have been asylums in the early 1900s.

Gert in Oz
21-09-09, 08:10
I have a page of baptisms from 1868 for 2 children aged 7 and 4, that says father deceased, its written under his occupation of Engine driver.


Langley Vale Sue
21-09-09, 08:56

The Manor Hospital was the earliest of the London County Asylums in Epsom and opened in 1899. It's possible Joseph was a patient there. I think the records are still closed though.


Just had a thought - maybe he was employed in the building or fitting of one of the hospitals as he was a cabinet maker, and not a patient at all.