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20-09-09, 19:27
Not sure if this is news or if I'm the last person to find out about it, but try using Google's advanced search to search the website www.ebooksread.com for, say, a surname and town from your tree and see what comes up. I've found they have a book of Surrey marriage licence allegations on there, for instance.

20-09-09, 20:50
Thanks.........I haven't seen that site. I do love Google Books though. I've found some great records for Lancashire there.

Also "The Gentleman's Magazine" (which I admit sounded a bit like Playboy...lol) is great for births, deaths, etc.

20-09-09, 22:10
How do you get into advance search Kite please ???

20-09-09, 22:11
When you're on the main Google page, just click on "Advanced Search" which is on the right of the box that you type in.

20-09-09, 22:17
Thanks Kite ;;;

Joan of Archives
20-09-09, 22:18
Oh yes I have just found reference to the ship one of my ancestors owned in 1867!

Thanks Kite ;)