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20-09-09, 12:49
Looking for a Baptism found a Thomas Gloucester
described as male child found on door step of 41 Gloucester Circuit abt a month old Dec 27 1853
how sad

20-09-09, 13:56
That is sad Val, although occasionally still happens nowadays. Wonder what became of the poor mite?

20-09-09, 16:37
I was thinking of seeing if I can find him on the records?

20-09-09, 16:44
found his death at 6 months old in 1854 looks like he also died in the workhouse ? what a terrible waste still suppose it might have been worse ? at least he never knew he had been abandoned.

20-09-09, 17:25

I've found baptisms for two poor girls, one given the surname Roads because she was found in the road, and the other Milton because she was abandoned in a lodging house in Milton Street.

Coroner's records are full of babies found drowned in canals, or wrapped up in parcels and dumped.

Of course I feel sorry for the babies, but also for their poor mothers who were driven to such extremes because of society's condemnation of illegitimacy and a lack of any system of welfare or benefits which would enable them to bring their children up.

20-09-09, 18:58
quite the opposite now ,not many seem to care if they are married or not ? dont know whats worse?

20-09-09, 19:11
*tries not to take the above personally*

Val, you surely aren't saying that having a child without being married is just as bad as abandoning a baby? I'm probably misunderstanding you! Yes, lots of unmarried people have children now, but in most cases (I realise, not all) they are living together and intend to stay together to raise the children, like me and my OH for instance. Being married is no guarantee that a couple will stay together since divorce is so easy (though of course many couples separated even before that became the case) so many people feel there is not much point getting married in the first place. Doesn't mean they are bad parents.

20-09-09, 22:18
oh dear not quite what I meant
I was referring to young girls who have babies without even thinking of the consequences and then rely on the state to keep them both .

20-09-09, 22:37
The problem isn't girls having babies, it's people having sex without using contraception when they don't understand what having a child entails. Mind you, who does?!