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Joan of Archives
19-09-09, 13:21
I am trying to find the page for the burials for St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey but can only see baptisms? There are some burials supposed to be of St Mary Bermondsey but I am not convinced as the places of abode do not seem to be the right area lol!

I am looking for a burial 1811/12 :rolleyes:

Joan of Archives
19-09-09, 13:27
Ignore me I think I found it! Crumbs they don't make it easy do they lol!

Joan of Archives
19-09-09, 13:43
Just to add to this on a more serious note there are loads of people who drowned who were buried there. I imagine it was very hazardous making a living on the river Thames.

I just found the burial in the "Poor" section of triple girls aged 13 hours old. How very sad :(