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19-09-09, 08:59
I thought I'd tie up some lose ends on my Huband family.

My GG Grandfather's sister, Sarah Tracey Huband baptised 1st July 1819 Plymouth St Andrew, Devon. I have the PR.

She married John Campbell Sept 1842 Plymouth.
One son John Godfrey Campbell born Sept 1843 Stoke Damerol, Devon.

I can't find any other children.

I have Sarah with her mother Agness and brother John (my guy) in 1841.

I have Sarah Campbell with John Godfrey Campbell (son) 1851.
HO 107 Piece 1900 Folio 129 Page 6.

I have Sarah and son John in 1861. Both times she is "married" and 1861 says she is 'wife of seaman cooper'. I suppose hubby could be away.

Now I can't find hide nor hair after that except....

Death...Sarah Campbell Q1 1864, Plymouth.
Death....John Campbell Q1 1865, East Stonehouse.

I'm fairly sure that's them, but still can't find hubby, John.

I am going to buy both those certs, but not sure if I'll even know if it's the right John. There's no age on the index for him, so hoping the cert will have a correct age.

Can anyone think of anything else I should do to "kill off" this family.

I have no idea where to start with Sarah's husband. I'll get the marriage cert, but not sure if it will help.


19-09-09, 09:30
Hi Libby,

If you have got the marriage cert of Sarah and John in 1841, it should give his age which will then narrow down the death of John, I guess. It's quite possible that he died at sea, or abroad of course, in which case you really are in a pickle :o

Sorry I can't be of more help!


19-09-09, 09:40
Thanks Chris,

I will get that cert, as well as the death I found for Sarah. Campbell doesn't seem to be very common in Devon......lol

It's mainly the son, John, I'd like to find. This lot always make me sad for some reason...

19-09-09, 10:15
If he was a seaman, then he may have died at sea and there might not be a registration at all or it could be in the "overseas" indexes. Sometimes you can find a will or admon for a seaman's estate although you can't find a death reg.