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Nana Anna
18-09-09, 19:26
Have just studied a will and included is the following for the family:

'whose lives are in my copyhold estate, have, hold and enjoy the same successively according to the custom of the Manor'

Any ideas as to what would those customs would likely to have been?

Uncle John
18-09-09, 20:22
Hang around, OC will be along soon to explain all.

Olde Crone
18-09-09, 20:42
LOL, UJ, I've a good mind not to tell now!

However, I will probably burst if I don't, so here goes:

Copyhold land and estates were peculiar to the Manorial system. They were held by the tenant without a deed of transfer, but at the whim and will of the Lord of the Manor. The only document involved was an entry in the Manor Roll, of which the tenant got a copy.

A Copyhold tenant could will and bequeath his Copyhold land to his heirs and successors, but the incoming heir had to pay a levy to the Lord of the Manor, which was entered onto the Manor Roll.

Some of "my" Copyhold tenancies go on for 500 years or more. It is a very good way of tracing families if you can find the extant Manor Rolls.

I believe Copyhold was made illegal some time in the 20th century????


Uncle John
19-09-09, 09:19
I believe Copyhold was made illegal some time in the 20th century????

All remaining copyhold land was made Freehold by the Law of Property Act 1922.

This link looks useful: http://www.britishrecordsassociation.org.uk/publication_pages/Guidelines3.htm

19-09-09, 13:40
Thanks for that link UJ. I'm sure it will come in handy.

Nana Anna
20-09-09, 15:40
Thanks Uncle John and OC. Very helpful as always - so have to hunt down a Manor roll next then.