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18-09-09, 17:15
I’ve always assumed that it’s St George’s Hanover Sq.
This is the right area for my Looker family and I think a couple of them marry there.

1901 census, my William Looker (born between 1826 – 1833) has it that St Georges, Middx. is where he was born. On previous English censuses he’s less specific and when in Scotland (1851 – 1871) he just says England.

What I’ve been trying to do for the past few years is to establish that I’ve found his parents/siblings.
Parts of Middx. on the 1841 census are missing ~ but there’s a family in Ossulstone (Kensington/Chelsea) which fits rather nicely. What I don’t have is absolute proof that this family is mine and hoped the new stuff on Ancestry would settle it, but it’s thrown a spanner in the works.

The parents (1841) are Isaac and Jane Looker
Children :-


These names are good. William uses them for some of his offspring :-

James (male form of Jemima)
William Henry

Following the parents (Isaac and Jane) on to the 1851 census tells me that Isaac is from Marlborough, Wilts. and Jane is from Hungerford, Berks. Perfect !

Here’s the problem ~

The baptism of William Looker (with parents Isaac and Jane) is on the new Ancestry records …… BUT it takes place at St Mary’s, Bryanston Sq. and the family’s address at that time is Seymour Place which is close to the church.

Hanover Sq. is to the right and down a bit :( ;( :confused:

I should add that although I have the place and date of William’s marriage in Scotland, from the birth certs of 2 of his offspring, no official record has ever come to light. It is not on Scotlandspeople and the NAS were unable to find it.

woops ~ it's taken so long to type this that I've left out the 'please' and 'thank you' !

18-09-09, 18:07
Have you tried looking to see if any of the Lookers left wills that might mention William and his family, Rachel?

18-09-09, 18:13
Hi Kite
No ~ hadn't considered that ~ don't think they'd have had anything to leave.
Where would I look ? I haven't a clue ?

18-09-09, 18:22
I suppose Isaac and Jane could have moved between the birth of William and his baptism, but I don't see how that can be proved either.

18-09-09, 18:26
It's a long shot, but have you traced the siblings forward to see if any of them went to Scotland?

Also, if the child of Isaac and Jane isn't yours, then what happened to him? This is something you need to consider. Trouble is, it only proves anything if you find the son of Isaac and jane isn't your chap, whereas it's no proof if you can't find an alternative individual, as he might have emigrated, or whatever, and there might be no record of this.

18-09-09, 18:27
I suppose Isaac and Jane could have moved between the birth of William and his baptism, but I don't see how that can be proved either.

No ~ think I'm doooooomed :( :( :(

18-09-09, 18:50
I'm pretty sure I tried tracing the siblings and didn't find anything useful.

Also, I contacted people on GR who had William Lookers in their trees and the other ones were not mine, so Isaac and Jane's family really seemed like a goer ......

Hell ! Ancestry's just changed the censuses into unfathomable twaddle, so I can't search properly !

18-09-09, 19:12
My William Looker was a Domestic Coachman and worked for Lord Belhaven, who had a vast estate in Lanarkshire.

Have managed to look on Ancestry for Henry Looker (the son of Isaac and Jane) ~ 1861 ~ he's also a Coachman and he's in Chelsea
1871 he's a Coachman, Dom. Servant in Streatham

18-09-09, 19:13
Sounds very likely, then, doesn't it?

18-09-09, 19:16
But yours was in Scotland in 1851,61 and 1871??????

18-09-09, 21:55
But yours was in Scotland in 1851,61 and 1871??????

Yes ~ mine's William Looker, also a Domestic Coachman.

Henry is a younger son of Isaac and Jane

18-09-09, 21:56
William was in Scotland, Merry, but Rachel is talking about his probable brother, Henry.

18-09-09, 21:58
Sounds very likely, then, doesn't it?

Yes extremely likely but not proven :(
It's really irritating

Would the family have had to live in the parish for any length of time before they could get the child baptised there ?
It says William was born on 9th April ~ Baptised 25th April
Isaac (father) was a Chaise Driver

18-09-09, 21:59
Oh, doh!

18-09-09, 22:23
Just looking up Chaise before I fall asleep

-from French chaise-a chair; a two wheeled vehicle for two persons, drawn by one horse, and generally furnished with a hood that can be let down. A light weight vehicle, a seat on a framework with springy shafts."


Generally an enclosed four-wheeled carriage seating up to three people, and driven by a rider mounted on one of the horses (see "postilion"). The more or less standard vehicle for families which are "respectable", but not extremely wealthy."

Maybe Isaac had to gallop over to Bryanston Sq for some reason