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18-09-09, 14:34
Not needed for BK6

Can anyone find this man before he married?

Thomas JAMES married Selina Harriet OSBORNE in July 1871 at St Stephens Walworth. He gives his address as 293 East Street and his occupation as Engine Driver and age 23. The following censues give age and place of birth as follows:

1881 aged 32 b St Leonard's Shoreditch
1891 aged 43 b London, Spitalfields
1901 aged 52 b London, Spitalfields

His occupation is Loco Engine Driver (or similar) on all these census returns.

I am trying to trace his father/parents. On the marriage cert he says his father is John JAMES, station master. John is not recorded as dec'd, whereas Selina's father is, and that seems to be correct, so the likelyhood is that Jonh JAMES is alive.

I cannot find anyone to fit this criteria, not can I find Thomas before his marriage!

Please help!!

18-09-09, 15:23
Who are the witnesses on the marriage certificate, Merry?

18-09-09, 15:32
I've just been looking at them, Kite.

They are:

Samuel and Louisa NORMAN who seem to be a married couple living at the address given for the bride and groom on the marriage cert. (The bride and groom are not there in April 1871 though).

Louisa Norman is Selina Osborne's sister, so no help with the James side of things. :(

18-09-09, 15:51
there is a John Janes born 1817 with wife Margaret with a son Thomas on 1861 but its practically impossible to read looks like they are living in Eastern ???? Railway and he is a Head Porter
RG9 231 10a 15 542596 Holywell district Tower Hamlets Shoreditch sorry cant read more
Mary Margaret and Thomas the childrens surnames are spelt James but the parents are Janes

18-09-09, 15:56
Oooh, that looks really hopeful, Val, thank you. I think their address says Eastern Counties Railway!

What do you think it says for John's place of birth? Dorsetshire, something???

18-09-09, 15:57
Or is it Worcestershire? Something??

18-09-09, 16:05
it looks like pancras worcestershire???

18-09-09, 16:06
hes dead in 1871 by the way just looking at it

18-09-09, 16:08
Could it say Gloucestershire, Stanway??? The Stanway bit looks possible, I think.

In 1871 there's a John and Margaret James (aged 55 and 54) at Little Bealings Suffolk and he is a Station Master born in the above place. Margaret is from Lancs, Moss Side. The 1861 could be Moss Side for Margaret.

That 1861 writing is really rubbish!!

What do you think??

18-09-09, 16:09
hes dead in 1871 by the way just looking at it

OH!!! lol I thought I just found him!

18-09-09, 16:10
forget it wrong family I was looking at in 1871 lol the writing is appalling isnt it ???

18-09-09, 16:13
he is Stanway Gloucestershire and she is Moss side Lancashire in 1871

18-09-09, 16:49
I think the 1861 says the same if you screw your eyes up tightly!

18-09-09, 16:50
especially if you screw the right one up more good luck

18-09-09, 17:18
Thanks for your help, Val :)

18-09-09, 21:16
and thanks for yours Merry