View Full Version : Good grief where's the chair?!

Joan of Archives
17-09-09, 18:17
Goodness I was just checking the London baptisms & came across 18 entries for one of my lot! :eek::eek:

Fortunately it appears a couple of them are duplicate entries & have been entered twice, one of them three times!

I know there was no TV in those days but that would have been ridiculous lol!


17-09-09, 18:18
I am getting real bad RSI from being on there for hours keep worrying it might run out LOL

17-09-09, 18:20
Yes Joanie, but 12 was quite a common number. Can you imagine??! Lucky you to have success, I just wish that I had someone in London to look up

17-09-09, 18:26
My Bristows had 13, and I've now found burials for a couple of the girls who I was expecting to find marriages for. At least I know what happened to them now, I suppose.