View Full Version : Update on my hypothetical question thread

Margaret in Burton
17-09-09, 17:26
I have discovered that child number one is still alive. I found him on Electoral registers and in the phone book via BT.

Alan wanted me to ring him but I said no, and have composed a letter.

I have said that there is no one alive to know what the problem was only him. It is true, because Alan's gran doesn't know. We will have a problem if he wants to meet his long lost sister as she doesn't know he exists. Cross that bridge etc. He is 86 so fingers crossed.

17-09-09, 18:54
Good luck Margaret xxhugxx

Margaret in Burton
19-09-09, 14:07
Just had an email from a neighbour of this person giving me his telephone number. He received my letter this morning.

I purposely didn't put my pnone number on the letter because I didn't want to be put on the spot with questions.

I am at this moment trying to get in touch with Alan to see if he wants to ring him, it's his great uncle.

Positive news though that he wants to get in touch.