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Chrissie Smiff
17-09-09, 15:28
I have agreed to help a friend with his tree but I'm stuck already ;(

I have a marriage 16/4/1918 at St Mungos Church Glasgow (Roman Catholic) between
Robert Hanley – Batchelor – Chemical Work Timekeeper aged 19 and
Catherine Heaney – Spinster – Cotton Mill Worker – aged 19

Robert died in Glasgow in 1964 aged 64 and Catherine died in Glasgow in 1987 aged 87.

I can’t find a birth for either of them or a marriage between either of the sets of parents. The problem with the brides parents may be because I believe Catherine (or her family) may have originated in Ireland. There is also some connection with the name Guymer and a couple of the children were given Guymer as a second Christian name. Robert possibly came from Yorkshire.

The parents of Robert are – Lawrence Hanley – Slater Journeyman deceased and Agnes Hanley (nee Brown).

The parents of Catherine Heaney are – John Heaney – Dock Labourer deceased and Catherine Heaney (nee Gorman). One of her witnesses is Hugh Gorman. I found a Hugh Gorman aged 8 on the 1901 Scotland census, so maybe the witness aged 25 but his aunt Catherine is 14 in 1901, so too young to have married John Heaney and had Catherine Heaney.

Am I stuck because Ireland is involved? Any suggestions gratefully received.

17-09-09, 16:02
Presumably you've looked on Scotland's People for the births and marriages, not just on FamilySearch? Just thought I'd check!

17-09-09, 16:10
The pilot search on FamilySearch shows a Lawrence Hanley married to Agnes on the 1900 US census but I can't check the full household at the moment to see if they have a Robert.

Chrissie Smiff
17-09-09, 16:26
Thanks Kite :) Yes, I have looked on Scotlands people.
There is a Catherine Heany born 1898 with father John (35) and mother Catherine (32 in 1901.

I didn't see that on Family search. Will go and have a look :)

17-09-09, 16:39
Sounds promising. I checked that USA census and that Lawrence and Agnes don't seem to have had any children, so no joy there.

Chrissie Smiff
17-09-09, 17:02
Thanks again Kite. Have to feed hubby now, so back to it later :)