View Full Version : Baptism has different Birth date ???

17-09-09, 09:41
Rebecca Anne Knight
Parents Thomas Richard and Elizabeth Rebecca
according to her Birth Cert born 14 Sept 1874 yet according to her Baptism on 27 June 1880 she was born 21 Sept 1873 ???
Any ideas welcome

17-09-09, 10:04
Parents with Alzheimer's?

Seriously, when a birthday wasn't the significant thing we make it today and birth certificates didn't have the importance they do now, it would be very easy to forget details, or muddle one sibling with another.

17-09-09, 10:17
thanks Phoenix suppose thats possible ?? another of lifes mysteries

Olde Crone
17-09-09, 11:39
I would think the first Rebecca died.

(I take it you are looking at original PRs, not transcribed ones?)


17-09-09, 11:44
But Rebecca was baptised in 1880, so that would have to be the one born 1874, even if there was an earlier one who died, wouldn't it?

17-09-09, 12:06
6 or 7 years. What's the difference? :rolleyes:

She may have forgetful parents.

I have a friend who got her birth cert at age 18. Turns out her parents had had her birthday wrong by 1 week for her entire life.

My friend himself had his 21st party on his 22nd as his parents forgot the year before and went out to dinner. :eek:

Uncle John
18-09-09, 20:20
I just turned up my grandfather's bap. certificate, which had him born nearly a year after he was baptised. He made one of his pedantic notes in the margin.

18-09-09, 21:18
thaks for that Uncle John looks like I must not depend on the dates given too much ??

Margaret in Burton
19-09-09, 11:19
My grandmother was 6 years old when she was baptised.