View Full Version : Ancestry whoopee I cant stop saying wow

16-09-09, 22:53
My husband is getting a bit fed up with me all I keep saying is wow isnt this wonderful ??
I have found all my nans siblings baptisms and so much more it really has made me feel so close to them today, I do wonder though what price the membership will be next time ????????????????

16-09-09, 23:17
Could you stop gloating...................lol..................th e year I'm after isn't there and without that I can't get back......

Glad you've found a few, though.....

16-09-09, 23:22
sory Libby really I am but WOW lol what are you looking for ???

17-09-09, 00:33
St Andrew, Endfield 1760.....

Mark Turner son of Simon and Johanna Turner. He is on the IGI along with his siblings and I'm trying to find his parent's marriage.

17-09-09, 07:07
I can't stop saying wow either, Val. I've found so much stuff on there, and yesterday I found a first cousin 3 times removed who I'd never heard of before, who turns out to have emigrated to New Zealand and had a street named after him! I haven't even started looking at the unindexed stuff yet.

17-09-09, 07:17
I've been quietly rejoicing in my little cubbyhole too. Found a number of my reprehensible Goulds replicating away, all thinking of themselves as 'gentlemen'....i.e. 'no occupation.'

*wonders how their poor wives paid the milkman?*

17-09-09, 07:19
The one that made me laugh was my 4xg-uncle's marriage certificate, where he gave his father's occupation as "Esquire"!

17-09-09, 07:21
I'm still wondering how a chap whose occupation is 'butler' can claim his still-living father (witness) as 'gentleman'?

17-09-09, 08:12
I thought I'd found one last night where the occupation was "Slayer".

WOW! Thinks I.....

On closer inspection he turns out to be a Glazer with swirly handwriting

17-09-09, 09:02
sorry Libby cannot find the Marriage or Marks Birth ?????????? can you give me another of the siblings names to check first thanks
Am off now to do a bit more wowing

Mark Dudley
17-09-09, 09:49
I can't wow either :(

Could somebody possibly have a look for Edith Mabel Piggott (Pigot etc) please? I have her b 1902-1905 - she always claimed to have been born within the sound of Bow Bells, but has proved a very difficult lady to trace. (May also be under the name Mabel Edith!

17-09-09, 09:57
Mabel Edith Piggott 1902 Mar quarter Dartford Kent 2a 569
this is the only one I can find with that name or similar around the right time

Mark Dudley
17-09-09, 10:23
Thanks Vallee! I have that birth cert - and father's name doesn't match the father's name on her marriage cert. I was hoping she'd turn up, but .... :(

Mark Dudley
17-09-09, 10:24
She is Pigot on the marriage cert

17-09-09, 10:39
do you have her parents names ?? she isnt on the new Baptisms stuff

17-09-09, 12:17
Have you found her in 1911?

Mark Dudley
17-09-09, 12:33
No Merry - there is something a bit odd. Father in law won't let me ask m-i-l about her. She is OH's grandmother.

Her father according to the marriage cert was Edwin Pigot - barman dec'd

Mark Dudley
17-09-09, 12:43
Sorry - Edwin was her husband, father was Edward Pigot -barman dec'd

17-09-09, 20:31
*glumly.............I suppose that you all have London ancestors then? Wish I had one too!

Joan of Archives
17-09-09, 20:48
Poor Sally!!

Mark could this be her?

Edith Piggott
Year of Registration: 1905
Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
District: Kingston
County: Middlesex, Surrey
Volume: 2a
Page: 469

No baptism on Ancestry though as she would not be in the London area exactly. However there is a chance she was close enough to the Bow bells lol!


17-09-09, 20:53
Hi Vallee....thanks for looking. I can't find where the records. For some reason those years seem to be missing.

Mark's siblings are John x2. Hannah and Esther, all between 1755 and 1764.

Does anyone know where St James Picadilly would be?????????????

I've tried other St James records on the off chance. Carolina Haylock/Laycock, daughter of Howard and Elizabeth baptised 2nd Feb 1766.

I've got the Ancestry just can't find those places and dates.

17-09-09, 20:53
St James Piccadilly is in Westminster, which isn't included in these records.

It's wonderful - baptisms, marriages, burials - and I've found so much. Typically though I am frustrated there's no likely burial for James Robins, my ex's 3 x gt grandfather. But then I couldn't find a death index for him either and he doesn't appear on any census!

17-09-09, 20:57
Well, Marylebone in Westminster is included, but I don't think many other Westminster parishes are.

Joan of Archives
17-09-09, 20:59
Are they adding further to these do you know Nell?

I am currently adding the 13 children of my 4 x g greats to my tree ! :eek:

It's been fantastic for me, even found the baptism of OH's grandmother earlier :rolleyes:

17-09-09, 21:00
Thanks Nell...............that's one less to look for.....lol

I must learn my London geography.