View Full Version : Am I completely blind????????

15-09-09, 23:13
I'm looking at the new LMA info on Ancestry.

St Andrew Enfield . Why is there nothing between 1729 and 1769???

Could it be because the one I'm looking for was 1760??

16-09-09, 06:06
I think I'm blind. Or stupid?

You want a date between 1729 and 1769, 1760 to be precise.

Without looking at ancestry as I don't have a sub at the moment I don't understand the problem.

16-09-09, 07:28
I'm on the laptop at the moment, so ancestry won't load the pages, but I would think that either they've missed out those years, either by accident or because there is a problem with them, or they've put the wrong date on one of the batches. By the way, if your St Andrew Enfield line goes back to the 17th or 16th century, let me know if you want any help reading the entries because I've had some practice with them!

16-09-09, 08:18
Now I'm on the main computer, I can see the dates on the batches appear to be correct, so I think you would have to contact ancestry to ask about the missing batch.

16-09-09, 09:04

Thanks Kite..............

I have no idea if my line goes back that far.....as yet all I have is my gggg grandfather who came here as a convict in 1789 aged40. He was tried in London and gave his address as Enfield. There is one on the IGI (extracted, so they must exist??).

I'm then going on unusual (for the time) first names he used for children.

Not precise, but the best I have at present.

16-09-09, 11:34
Libby I wasn't being funny.

But I have re-read what you wrote and now realise I was being stupid. lol

16-09-09, 12:10
Sorry Kit....................I thought you were telling me the obvious..............it seems Ancestry puts all the records except any I want.......lol