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Olde Crone
15-09-09, 22:20
My eyes are falling out of my head looking for this family. I can account for everyone from 1851 but 1841 is proving impossible and a rather delicate question over the parentage of some of the children raises its head, lol.

I am looking for (1841 only)

Richard Jepson (1802-1843) born Darwen Lancs
Ann (wife) (1805-1873) ditto

their known children:

John 1829
Mary 1832
Betty/Betsy 1834
Henry 1837
Jane 1841

all born Darwen Lancs.

Ann has remarried in 1851 to Thomas Ingham. There is a possibility that Jane (1841) is his child, oh the disgrace!

I will be really grateful if anyone can pull this lot out of the hat - I've looked for the family under Ingham too, just in case.


15-09-09, 22:45
Is this them?

HO107; Piece 503; Book: 10; Civil Parish: Blackburn; County: Lancashire; Enumeration District: 8; Folio: 35; Page: 25

Richard Jipson [sic] 35 bleacher
Ann 35
Mary 9
Betty 7
Henry 4
James 6 [image looks like mths has been written above the 6] and the age is in the female column, so I suspect this is Jane.

Olde Crone
15-09-09, 22:54
Oh, Nell, I love you and I want to have your babies!!!!

I tried
Japson, Jopson, Jupson, Lapson, Lepson, Lipson, Lupson, Sapson, Sepson etc.....

Thankyou soooo much!!! Family honour is restored.


15-09-09, 23:03

You can have my babies!!!!

Joan of Archives
15-09-09, 23:37
LOL !!!


16-09-09, 00:01

You can have my babies!!!!

OC...............you can have mine too.......................they are all grown up, but you can still have them....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Olde Crone
16-09-09, 10:14
No, I'm all babied-out actually, after a week with my adorable grandson I'm on my knees!

I feel a bit stupid now that I didn't find them under Jipson - I've found them with much dafter mistranscriptions than that, with ease! Blame baby brain.