View Full Version : can anybody read this address please

15-09-09, 21:12
it looks like number 63 something Street.25 Regents Park .St Pancras thanks

15-09-09, 21:25
I think it's 63 Augustus Street, Regents Park. (exists in 1881)

I suppose you are going to want to find it in 1851 :rolleyes:

15-09-09, 21:32
ooh you are clever Merry I have been reading my husbands a-z for hours trying to work it out
have you found it in 1851 then ??? LOL

15-09-09, 21:41
Yes, in district 17 of the Regents Park bit of St P. Trouble is, though there are several families at 63 I can't see yours.

If you search for William Fish b 1820 in Essex, wife Elizabeth you should find the last bit of number 63. Then go back a page for the other families.

15-09-09, 21:55
thanks very much Merry off to look

15-09-09, 22:03
nowhere to be seen are they ??? thanks Merry