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Muggins in Sussex
15-09-09, 20:21
My subscription to Ancestry has expired, and I haven't renewed it because I have free access to World Ancestry in the library.

So I hadn't looked at my tree on Ancestry for a while.

I looked at it tonight, and see that someone has been attaching census records to people on my tree!! - That person hasn't left any message for me (I presume I could see that one was there, but not be able to read it)

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

15-09-09, 20:33
No but then my one is private.

Could you tell what user name it is that is attaching census?

Muggins in Sussex
15-09-09, 20:39
Yes I can tell, Maggie - it's no one I have ever heard of before

15-09-09, 22:32
They are adding people to their own tree, these people are matching ones on your tree..... do yre omeone will send it on yourou want to give us some details and a message and I'm sure someone will send it on your behalf...

15-09-09, 22:34
arggghh bloody lap tops....:mad:

Would you like to furnish us with the info and we can approach the person on your behalf......:)

Muggins in Sussex
16-09-09, 05:52
Thanks for that, Peppie

I had another look, and see that Ancestry is offering me a free 14 days trial. I think I 'll take advantage of that and see what, if anything, she has to say for herself.

Thanks again :)