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Muggins in Sussex
15-09-09, 20:16

This is a copy of my late mother's birth certificate.

Maybe I am unduly suspicious, but why would someone ask for a clerical error to be corrected 10 months after the registration ?

And does anyone have any idea why a copy might have been requested when she was 2 and half?

It could just be that the original was lost, but would a copy have been needed if she was going to be taken abroad? (I thought she wasn't taken abroad until some years later)

Thank you

Olde Crone
15-09-09, 21:26
The error may just have been corrected cos the parents were nitpickers, or thought that she might have problems in later life being called Dowsett Dowsett, lol!

I'm not sure whether a BC would have been needed to go abroad for a small child. If it were for a passport then the FATHER would have had to apply for a passport, is that likely? Children still legally belonged to their fathers in the 1930s.


15-09-09, 22:37
Joan, can you transcribe what is said? My poor young eyes cant read the last column...:o

15-09-09, 22:52

I am not sure what has been corrected?

As for why - who knows? I have a death cert for my gt grandmother where the details of her husband (who was dead long before she died) had been omitted from the original entry and it was added later in the presence of her son. Why it was felt necessary to add this detail I can't imagine!

Olde Crone
15-09-09, 23:08
The correction is that the name Dowsett has been crossed out in column 2.

Column two is for the forenames only, so if it had been left as it was, she would legally have been called Olive Joyce Dowsett Dowsett, lol, which is a bit much.


Muggins in Sussex
16-09-09, 05:58
Thank you for your replies OC and Nell.

I guess I am just overly suspicious!

16-09-09, 06:26
Joan with this family being suspicious should be second nature. Although I can't see anything wrong with the change.

I found out recently my Grandma had a nickname of Fanny. The reason being she was meant to be named Fanny but her father, who registered the birth, named her after her mother and not the aunt her mother wanted her to be named after.

My great grandma found out when Grandma was approx 6 months old as that was when she bothered looking at the cert.

16-09-09, 07:19
Maybe the parents didn't realise it was a mistake until one day they saw another birth certificate and found out the surname wasn't supposed to be written in that box.

Muggins in Sussex
17-09-09, 05:37
Thank Toni & Kite

It's just that everything to do with this family always ssems very odd and I anything out of the ordinary sends my brain racing!! LOL