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Joan of Archives
15-09-09, 18:49
Ancestry LMA marriage query :

Edward Halfhide marriage to Sarah (Knowler) Tottenham 1772.

Can someone have a look & tell me the names of the witnesses please & also the bit after Bermondsey, I imagine it could say spinster? I hope so!


15-09-09, 19:07
Can't make out what it says after Bermondsey but the witnesses look like Will Spelman Ayres and Jn Halfhide

15-09-09, 20:47
I would agree with Trish for the witnesses.

Not sure about the other bit. TBH the first word after Bermondsey (on the following line) looks just like bachelor which is written above it, but with the R indistinct! So, was Sarah a bachelor??!!! :rolleyes:Don't know what the two little words say.....

Joan of Archives
15-09-09, 20:56
Thanks! I was wondering if it was John Halfhide. :d