View Full Version : Can anyone double check this occupation in 1841 please?

Margaret in Burton
15-09-09, 18:14
James Simper aged 45, wife Mary same age.

Lower part of first column.

Occupation looks like Lurcher.

I thought that was a dog. Googled and all it came up with was dogs.

In 1851 he is an Underkeeper (Wood)

HO107; Piece 1167; Folio: 8; Page: 9


Mandy in Wiltshire
15-09-09, 18:23
Well it looks like 'lurcher' to me! The 'L' at the beginning is the same shape as the 'L' in Ag Lab, albeit a bit shorter, and there's a turned 'r' in the middle.

I can't find it on the site I use for checking old occupations:


Hope someone knows the answer!