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15-09-09, 13:52
Or another devious plot by Ancestry to send me doolalley!!??

I have a STEPHEN Whittington married to Susan in Sussex probably in early to mid-1870's.

I had every hope and expectation that this Susan would be Susan Smith, and voila, there is a marriage for Susan Smith, 1873, Westhampnett, Sussex (spot on right place) Ref 2b 644 a

The only other name on the page however, is SARAH Wittington. (spelt without the "h")

But looking at the original images, it isn't even the same page: Sarah Wittington is 3b 901 and this Susan Smith isn't on the original images for that quarter at all!

I'm ever so confused! ;(

PS I can't find any appropriate marriage for a Stephen Whittington

15-09-09, 13:58
It's a devious plot!

Susan Smith is on the original page, but listed at the bottom as an extra entry.

The 'Sarah' Wittington is also an additional entry. I should think this one should say Stephen, as these two entries would have been written in at the same time and you don't get many/any Victorian marriages the parties are called Sarah/Susan!

15-09-09, 13:58
I can see Susan Smith and Sarah Wittington have both been written in by hand at the bottom of their respective pages in Dec 1873, page number 644a, is that what you mean? But surely a Susan and a Sarah can't have married each other, so it could be that Sarah has been written by mistake instaed of Stephen.

15-09-09, 14:01
..... I didn't look at the bottom of the page .............!:o

So the general concensus is that "Sarah" is really "Stephen"?
Thank goodness for that.
Wonder what it would say on the cert?:)

15-09-09, 14:04
I should think the cert is correct - the bride and groom have to sign the same names as is written on the cert - I doubt Stephen would have been happy to sign Sarah!

15-09-09, 14:11
Thank you very much for your help ladies, and with such speed too!!!