View Full Version : "Hofis son" ?

Jennifer Eccles
15-09-09, 06:46
I found this on the 1861 census in the relationship column of one of my families,
It read, Thomas Barlow , Hofis son, m, 9, scholar.
(the family name is Siddons )

any ideas?

15-09-09, 07:09
It says Wife's Son!

15-09-09, 07:11
This looks like the marriage:

Marriages Mar 1858
BARLOW Ann Emma W. Bromwich 6b 617 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Boardman Ann W. Bromwich 6b 617
Roughley Edward W. Bromwich 6b 617
Siddons William Turton W. Bromwich 6b 617 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Jennifer Eccles
15-09-09, 07:15
Thanks Merry, the census was very illegible for me and obviously the transcriber too!
Many thanks,
that now opens up another can of worms...sigh..

15-09-09, 09:13
Oh thought it read hoffs son was just going to say sorry for you lol

Jennifer Eccles
15-09-09, 09:24
No Babs just a silly transcriber and my bad eyesight..lol

15-09-09, 10:15
Lol and mine ;;;