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14-09-09, 20:49
Inspired by Vallee's well travelled family in her help request......

Who has a family where the children's birthplaces and their homes on the census show an interesting pattern of movements around the country (or the World)?

One of my best travelled families are:

Henry Fenton born Barnard Castle Durham married Eliza Jackman born Highate Hill

Charles Fenton born Newport Pagnell, Bucks (baptised Luton, Beds)

Caroline Fenton born Coventry, Warwickshire

Ellen Fenton born Tenby, South Wales

Rose Fenton born Camarthen

Violet Fenton born Llanelly

Edward Fenton born Gloucester

William Fenton born Holbeach, Lincolnshire

by 1861 they have moved again to Radford in Nottinghamshire

My most exotic birthplace is Henry Macome Dalton who was born in Buenos Aires in 1834

Joan of Archives
14-09-09, 20:55
Oh no Zoe don't get me onto OH's tree :rolleyes:

They had about 13 kids one in every town lol! :d

14-09-09, 21:08
I'm trying to think (not easy!)

Nope, can't think of any special ones!

What about "what's the biggest distance between where you were actually born and what it says on the census?"

I can do that one.....One of my Hornimans says he was born in Malta on the census, but his birth was registered in Stoke Damerel Devon! Distance 1,360 miles!

Oh, there is......

Eli Crane and his wife Margaret X had the following children:

Eli b 1841 Chichester, Sussex
Samuel b 1843 County Galway, Ireland
John b 1847 County Rosscommon, Ireland
Eli b 1851 County Fermanagh, Ireland
Theodora b 1855 West Bengal, India
Cornelius b 1858 New Brompton, Kent

Expect you can guess they were an army family!

Lynn the Forest Fan
14-09-09, 21:11
I can't compete with that, but have a family with children born in 3 different countries.
Samuel James Stowell, born Westminster c 1832 married Ellen Bingham born Canterbury Kent c 1863 in Aldershot, Hants 1867. Their children were:-
Philip born 1868 Sheffield
Francis born 1871 Waterford Ireland
Douglas born 1873 Ayr Scotland
Marion bron 1875 Ayr Scotland.

Needless to say, Samuel was in the army :)

I can do better than that Merry! Samuel's sister Catherine lists her birthplace as Westminster when she was actually born in Canada, whilst their father was stationed there.

14-09-09, 21:20
I can do better than that Merry! Samuel's sister Catherine lists her birthplace as Westminster when she was actually born in Canada, whilst their father was stationed there.

lol *gets out tape measure!*

Does it count if one of mine said Perth for place of birth, but the Ancestry transcriber (rather than the enumerator) decided that was in Australia rather than Scotland??

Lynn the Forest Fan
14-09-09, 21:24
Not really :D

Joan of Archives
14-09-09, 21:28
In a word no! :d:d:rolleyes:

14-09-09, 21:30
Oh, OK :d

Uncle John
14-09-09, 22:17
A selection of my Hendersons:

James (born Aberdeen) and Anna (born Dublin) had
Hamilton and Charles (born South Australia)
Mary (born Southampton)
and 5 more born Truro

Hamilton married Isabella (born London) and had
3 children in Madras
2 in St Croix, Danish West Indies
1 in Folkestone
1 in Truro

The connection is a mixture of Army and mining engineering careers. They ended up in Truro mining china clay as did later generations.

15-09-09, 14:12
My Aherns had a daughter b. Hyderabad, a son b. Agra, another daughter b. Lahore, the next daughter (same name)b. Gosport England and another three b. Fremantle, Western Australia.
He was a soldier in the army and ended up , a Chelsea Pensioner, who took up a retirement offer to escort convicts to the Swan River colony

15-09-09, 14:21
I must be tired! I read your post as those places being their names, until I got to the one 'called' Gosport......pmsl!!

15-09-09, 14:29
In my family, Merry, anything is possible. I have one female named 'Waterloo', after all :D

15-09-09, 14:32
As a first name? :eek:

15-09-09, 14:48
Yep. Waterloo Maude, poor lass. :p

Durham Lady
15-09-09, 15:05
I'm pleased we didn't have more than 4 children, goodness knows how many places we might have had on a census. As it is my OH, me and our 4 were all born in different counties :d

anne fraser
16-09-09, 17:58
Most exotic Chicasaw Indian reservation (dad was a missionary). But my South African family called the place New Bristol which certainly spoils the exoticism score.

I have several coal mining families who travelled betweeen Somerset, the south Wales coalfields and the Durham coalfields having a child each year.

Eamonn Kee
03-01-12, 19:32
Hi Macbev,
Might that be Waterloo Maude Flanagan (neé Glover)?
She was my grandfather's first cousin. Her Mother emigrated froi Ireland to Australia in abt.1875. I'd be interested to hear how you are related.
All the best.

Tilly Mint
03-01-12, 19:49
Yes, i have this family.......Ansboro

Philomena - Kamptee
Benedict - Rawalpindi
Bernard - Camp Aden
Agnes + Aloysius - Lucknow
Joseph + Cecil - Jubbulpore
Florence - Nowshera

Their father ( my great grandfather) was in the army and the police, he married in Allahabad and again in Kamptee......Lol

Tom Tom
04-01-12, 21:13
I'm sure someone once transcribed a family of mine as being born in Bethnal Green, MARS

Needless to say I submitted a correction to ancestry :)

Olde Crone
04-01-12, 22:11

And I have a family born in Salford, MARS.


04-01-12, 23:24
I have a couple of second cousins born in Botswana.

05-01-12, 01:32
OH's Ariels (of course...lol)

Mother born Bristol, Father born London UK
Married London UK
1st bub born Bristol UK
2nd born Melbourne Australia
3rd born San Francisco USA

Uncle John
05-01-12, 19:35

And I have a family born in Salford, MARS.


They made a TV programme about the police there.

Mary from Italy
05-01-12, 20:04
My most exotic one was born in the Belgian Congo in the early 1900s. The family also lived in England, Australia and Malaysia.

06-01-12, 10:44
Henry Collis (born Hurst, Berkshire) and Hannah nee Wells (born Denham, Buckinghamshire), had children born in Hobart Tasmania; Spring Bay Tasmania; Burnham Buckinghamshire; Bethnal Green London; Concord, Sydney Australia; and Esperance Tasmania.

Before first child was born they had travelled to Lyttleton NZ and on to Tasmania.
After return to Tasmania (via London and Sydney), finally settled on Flinders Island where they are both buried, and still have descendents.