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13-09-09, 17:51
I am looking for a death for a Mary Ann Nichols born 1838 living in Portsmouth in 1911 aged 74
3 likely ones
Mary A Nichols
1917 aged 74
1923 aged 89
1929 aged 91 which is the one I think and they were a long living family
what I dont get is the percentage
1917 says 99%
1923 91%
1929 89%
how do they arrive at this thanks

Olde Crone
13-09-09, 17:56
The percentages refer to the volume of events transcribed for that year, indicating how much is missing.

So, deaths for 1917 have been 99% transcribed - one per cent of deaths not yet transcribed.


13-09-09, 18:18
oh really thanks very much I thought it meant the likelyhood of it being correct LOL
did you get your Hebrew marriage stuff ???

13-09-09, 18:20
LOL Val :d

As OC says it indicates the % of the BMD transcribed for that particular year.

13-09-09, 18:26
hello Jay long time no see, thanks for that silly me

Olde Crone
13-09-09, 21:40

Yes, the Hebrew marriage stuff came through....desperately disappointing, no more information than was on the GRO cert. £20 down the drain, really.

Still, it was worth a shot. Just waiting for United Synagogues to transcribe marriages for 1904/5, and 1913/14, in the hope there will be more useful info for his second and third marriages - we asked for a search but they cannot do this apparently, and keep telling us to look on the GRO indexes - we've done all that!


13-09-09, 22:06
how many pages were there??? and did it say the Brother of the Grooms name ??
my lot married twice once in a Church and then a Hebrew Marriage within a year or two of the first and under different names .

Olde Crone
13-09-09, 22:50
Two pages I think and the bit for Groom's brothers was blank.

All that was in the Hebrew bit were the names of the fathers of the bride and groom, which we already knew from the GRO marriage cert, and the fact that the bride was "virgin".