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13-09-09, 14:15
I'm blushing with embarrassment just asking this one!

You know the "shoebox" on Ancestry?
Where is it exactly ...........? :o
4 years of Ancestry and I have no idea where it's hiding.

Joan of Archives
13-09-09, 14:25
Not a silly question at all Terri! Have you saved anything yet? Once you save a record, it appears at the bottom of the page then click on the "See all shoebox items" to find the overspill onto the next page. Well that's where mine seems to be anyway lol!


13-09-09, 14:37
No question is too stupid for this site!!! :d

I have never used the shoebox, except by accident :o, and I use Ancestry almost everyday over the last five, or more, years.

Joan of Archives
13-09-09, 14:49
Lol Merry!

The oddest thing is I have loads saved with no names on, I have no idea why, so I have to always open them to see who is in it & why I saved them :o

I would always recommend saving the record to your PC documents anyway, then even if you drop your sub with Ancestry you still have the record available to print off etc.

I have a folder in My Documents with each family name, & either "census" or "bmd" as the title.

And before anyone thinks that is terribly organised it took me 3 days to do it lol! :rolleyes:

13-09-09, 14:59
Thank you Joan.
Found it! :d

13-09-09, 15:12
It's a good idea (especially if you are just beginning FH) to keep a record of the full census ref; that's the RG or HO number, the piece number, folio and page number and maybe also the schedule number too.

Now had I thought of this years ago I would have done so, but I now have 1240 census pages saved and can't face going back to extract all those numbers!

13-09-09, 15:19
*** smiles smugly***

It took me about a year to realise that that's what I should do - and a few months to actually do it - but all my census records are saved under their HO or RG reference number and that same number is attached to the source details that I put on my ftm tree.

With the FTM file and my 'census records' file I can show where I got the info and even if I cancel my ancestry sub I've still got those records.

I don't know what shoebox is all about either.
I list a lot of 'to do' stuff on FTM - can't remember what the tab is called.

13-09-09, 15:32
Would you like mine to do, Sarah??

Uncle John
13-09-09, 19:19
This all sounds far too organised. I'm just overjoyed when I find people in a census. I do record the full address now, not just the town.

Langley Vale Sue
14-09-09, 07:15
I just save the images in folders in 'my documents' marked with the census year. Probably not a very organised way of doing it, but at least I know which folder to open if I need to check something quickly.