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Joan of Archives
12-09-09, 20:34
Could anyone find Alice Washbourne b. 1869 after 1909 please? I think her husband George died in 1909, the two children were farmed out, but where did she go? I have tried the 1911 with no success & no sign of a marriage or death either. If anyone fancies having a search for me that would be great! Please don't spend any credits though as I am doing this for a friend :)


12-09-09, 20:48
Is she Alice Barnard from Winchmore Hill in 1901? or is she a different one?

Joan of Archives
12-09-09, 20:58
Hi Merry yes that's the one. She married George & had 2 children, Maurice & Marjorie, he dies in 1909 then she disappears :rolleyes:

12-09-09, 22:03
Can't see any sign of her, sorry.

12-09-09, 22:04
I suppose the possibilities are:

She's been missed on the 1911 census or had given poor information (I can't find her either) or has been badly mistranscribed

She is living with someone and has given a different place of birth or it is mis-spelt

She has died or remarried and the entry has been missed by the GRO

She has died and hasn't been identified afterwards

She has gone abroad

She is in an institution (initials) and has an untraceable place of birth

Erm....and maybe 101 other possibilities.

I think most likely she is a servant somewhere and has been missed from the 1911.

Joan of Archives
12-09-09, 22:05
OK thanks for that! Great that I am getting the hang of searching the 1911 now though lol! :d;)

Uncle John
13-09-09, 19:34
And if she was a servant she perhaps had a "pet" name.

When the1911 census was first released, I found my grandparents and their eldest, and also their "live-in" servant Thirza X aged 15, who went on to "do" for them for the next 50 years and never married. I had no luck finding a birth for Thirza X so I assume she was named something else at birth.

Joan of Archives
13-09-09, 20:30
Oooo there's posh UJ their own live in servant! I wonder what she was called at birth? Maybe Thirza was her middle name?

Uncle John
14-09-09, 10:26
I have looked for an X born around the right time in and around London but there were too many. It isn't a particularly common surname either.