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Muggins in Sussex
12-09-09, 14:10
Sorry so many questions today!!

If a very young baby was taken into a Childrens' Home in 1919, would the Home arrange for the baby to be baptised a few months later (aged about 6 months)?

Thanks again

12-09-09, 14:31
I would have thought enquires would be made as to whether the child was already baptised, but if this wasn't known, or the child wasn't baptised then this might be done if the home was linked to a church in some way - am less sure if it was a state run place, at this date - half a century earlier I would say 'highly likely' - what would happen if the parent(s) or family who left the child were not C of E though?

Muggins in Sussex
12-09-09, 14:57
Thanks Merry

All I really know is that I found a photo of the baby aged about 6 months wearing what appears to be a Christening gown...there is a date on the photo and - what is really infuriating...the child's forename but no surname .... I was really wondering whether that might elminate the possibility of his having been in a children's home at the time.

It's probably just me, but my tree always seems so much more complicated than anyone else's!! LOL

12-09-09, 16:11
That's because it is, Joan!

12-09-09, 16:13
I would have thought there was zero chance of the children's home paying for a photo (a professional one, I assume?)

Muggins in Sussex
12-09-09, 16:15
Thanks, Merry - yes it looks like a professional photo - (baby only, no parents!! :d)

12-09-09, 23:57
I can't see a children's home paying for a photo either.

The one you have may be only one of a set, the others may have parents.....not much help, I know.

Unless.................you probably don't want to hear this.........

The "real" family of said baby wanted a photo of his christening. But....would a baby in a home have a christening dress??? Maybe one used by all the babies???

Sorry.not much help at all....lol

Muggins in Sussex
13-09-09, 06:46
Thanks Libby - I hadn't thought of that!

I suppose it is doubtful that a baby in a children's home would have a christening robe :confused:

13-09-09, 19:07
You say it "looks like" a christening gown. Is there anything on the picture to indicate that it is from a christening?

Because my guess would be it was a picture taken by the children's home to show to couples looking for a child to adopt. Hence only first name and dressed in an attractive outfit.

13-09-09, 21:12
Good point, Zoe.....................a little advertsing brochure of available children.

Olde Crone
13-09-09, 21:27
I think it is more likely that a Children's Home would have a Christening robe, than a professional photographer!

A Christening Robe is the sort of thing given by worthy donators to charity, or supplied perhaps by the staff themselves.

But I think Zoe's idea is brilliant, although not sure if Children's Homes went as far as producing brochures???