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11-09-09, 21:52
Wondering if you could help with this problem , have my Stephen Murton b ab 1820 on this census with his wife Elizabeth , but listed with them is A Rebbecca aged 54 who's hubby is missing but it says on census wife of Stephen ??? there is also the 2 families there ;;;what the problem is I have a contact wanting to know more about there visitor which is his GGran but who the heck is Rebecca's hubby ;;;many thanks in advance

Stephen Murton
Age: 51
Est Birth Year: abt 1820
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth
born: Shelfanger, Norfolk, England
Diss Heywood

Stephen Murton 51
Elizabeth Murton 47
Emily Murton 18
Walter Murton 11
Harry Murton 7
Arthur Murton 7
Rebbecca Murton 54
Robert Murton 32
Rebbecca Murton 29
Emma J Murton 18
Mary Murton 16
Henry W Murton 13
Ada Jane Murton 3 ??????????????her siblings are

Agnes Eva }
Annie V } same parents father Robert mother Fanny Jane
Charles C } Cracknel
Minnie Flora }

Source RG10; Piece: 1835; Folio: 3; Page: 2; GSU roll: 830847

11-09-09, 22:03
It looks like Rebecca is next door to Stephen and Elizabeth.

11-09-09, 22:07
Sorry...phone rang..

There's Stephen and Elizabeth with Emily, Walter and Harry and a visitor named Arthur.

Then next door there's Rebecca with children, Robert, Rebecca, Emma, Mary and Henry and visitor Ada.

Does that make any sense??

Rebecca is named as wife rather than head, but has a farm with 175?? acres.

11-09-09, 22:08
So, it's Cottage, Heywood Road, Diss
Stephen Murton Head Mar 51 Ag Lab Norfolk Shelfanger
Elizabeth Do Wife Mar 47 Do Diss
Emily Murton Daur Unm 18 General Serv (Out of Employ) Norfolk Diss
Walter Do Son 11 Scholar Do Do
Harry Do Son 7 Do Do Do
Arthur Do Visitor 7 Do Do Do

Farm House
Rebecca Murton Wife W 54 Farmer 172 Acres 2 men Do
Robert Do Son Mar 32 F. Son Do Diss
Rebecca Do Daur Unm 29 Do Bardill(?)
Emma J Do Daur Unm 18 Do Brennell(?)
Mary Do Daur 16 Do Diss
Henry W Do Son 13 Do Diss
Ada J Do Visitor 3 Do Bucken Lane (?)

So Ada is your contact's ancestor? And from what you say, her father Robert must be Rebecca's son, and we have to find out who Rebecca's husband was? Because she is listed as Wife but Widow, it could be that she was actually widowed by 1871 and the "Wife" bit is a mistake.

11-09-09, 22:11
On the 1861 census Rebecca's husband is called Robert, age 45 born Diss.

Wonder if this link will work:

11-09-09, 22:13
There is a Robert Murton death in Apr-Jun 1868 age 52 Depwade district, which was the district for Diss.

Langley Vale Sue
11-09-09, 22:13
According to 1861 Census, Rebecca's husband is Robert.

Class: RG9; Piece: 1259; Folio: 96; Page: 13; GSU roll: 542785

Kite beat me to it :D

11-09-09, 22:14
If it's Ada you are looking for, there's Ada Jane Murton born Q3 1867 Guiltcross Vol 4b Page 229.

11-09-09, 22:16
Thanks Girls but still clear as mud to me ;;;this family runs rings around you as theres so many per family and next family is all named same but always live near each other in one way or another ;;;so thats Stephens brother Robert , sure his wife is someone else will just go check ;;;

11-09-09, 22:21
So right thats early Robert , William his brother was also married to Rebbeca thats what thrown me there ;;so this Rebbeca is Roberts wife ;;the earlier one who's deathe ? foud sorry your posting faster than I can check and reply lol

11-09-09, 22:22
Could he be Robert Spurdens Murton who married Rebecca Smith 26 Feb 1835 at Diss, according to a submitted IGI entry?

Langley Vale Sue
11-09-09, 22:26
In 1871, Robert junior's wife Fanny and her two younger children Charles & Annie were living with Fanny's mother, Mary Cracknell in Mount Street, Diss.

Class: RG10; Piece: 1834; Folio: 60; Page: 2; GSU roll: 830847

11-09-09, 22:31
Thanks for that all will get them sorted so far ;;yes have seen that entry for there grandmothers from contact ;;;but he didnt know how to tie them up that was same family or not ??

11-09-09, 22:32
Agh, this whole thread is making me homesick. (Although I left there nearly 30 years ago!)

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Its somewhere I would love to get to one day all around that area , I know quite few where born Shelfhanger ';;;;