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11-09-09, 15:44
I have just been given a tree of my OH's Pusey family. It says that his 3 X Great Grandfather Nathaniel Pusey was jailed for 1 year with hard labour for poaching, in 1820 Taplow.

I've never had to look for any criminal records etc before so can someone give me some advice as to how I can find some information to verify this please.

Can't ask the person who drew up the tree as they have passed on.:(

11-09-09, 15:59
Ancestry has recently put some Criminal Registers online, but I can't get ancestry to load on the laptop at the moment to look.

11-09-09, 16:03
I don't have access to the Criminal records.

11-09-09, 16:13
I got it to load but he wasn't listed on there. Had a look at the 19th Century British Library Newspapers but I couldn't see him on there either. So I think you would have to go to the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/archives/Centre_for_Buckinghamshire_Studies.page?

11-09-09, 16:20
Thanks Kite, but I don't think I will be going to Buckinghamshire in person.:(

Will have to see if anyone is going.

11-09-09, 16:27
We do have a member offering lookups at Bucks Archives but I'm not sure if his offer would include looking through the quarter sessions. It would be worth asking him, though, I should think.

11-09-09, 16:29
He has done some lookups for me in the past. Will see what he says about the criminal records.

Thanks Kite.

11-09-09, 16:45
any of these yours?

http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/search/search_results.aspx?c=CATEGORY:2:Law+%26+order+(13 9):C10017:&st=q&queryText=pusey&searchText=pusey&queryType=ALL&ShowAllCategories=0

11-09-09, 18:35
My ancestor was a witness in a quarter sessions hearing - found him on the www.a2a.org.uk site. If your relative is there it will give a reference a person going to Centre for Bucks Studies can use to locate the document quickly. Or alternatively that you can use to ask for a photocopy.

12-09-09, 08:35
I'm sure Bucks have online gaol records.

I'll see if I can find a link

12-09-09, 08:37

hope I'm not repeating others help

12-09-09, 08:39
Only 3 Puseys no Nathaniel

Oakum Picker
16-09-09, 16:42

I looked at the QS book for you but as James WARD pleaded guilty, there were no witness statements etc. so very little additional info. As Nathaniel was not in custody, I don't know if they even caught up with him although as he remained in the area I don't suppose he was difficult to find.

The only addition was the date of the offence - 3rd January.

The Gaol books start much later as does the local newspaper so it looks like a dead end.