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10-09-09, 12:57
Nothing to do with the sport! My 4xg-grandparents were Thomas LUCEY and his wife Elizabeth, their children, all born in Bermondsey, being:
Elizabeth born 10 Oct 1785, Thomas baptised 1st April 1787, Mary born 27 Nov 1791, Charles born 20 Oct 1793, Frances born 5 Aug 1795, Eliza born 9 May 1797, Ann Jane born 30 Aug 1799, Amelia and Martha (twins) born 11 Oct 1801.

Thomas sr was also born in Bermondsey, on the 25th Feb 1758. He died intestate in 1814. His widow Elizabeth died in 1821.

I've been told by other people researching these people that Elizabeth's maiden name was Curling and that her father was John Curling, but I've never been able to find out where exactly this information came from - everyone got it from someone else! Can anyone find anything to back it up, or suggest where I could look, please? Elizabeth's will doesn't mention any relatives except her children.

10-09-09, 13:09
*fetches crystal ball*

What did Thomas Lucey do for a living

Would it be worth seeing if this PCC will is Elizabeth's father's? (there are a couple of other possibles, just this one is maybe best for place and date):

Description Will of John Curling, Merchant of Saint Mary Rotherhithe , Surrey
Date 23 July 1806
Catalogue reference PROB 11/1446
Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece Name of Register: Pitts Quire Numbers: 543 - 599
Image contains 1 will of many for the catalogue reference

Number of image files: 1

Image Reference Format and Version Part Number Size (KB) Number of Pages Price (£)
26 / 34 PDF 1 1 1068 5 3.50
Total Price (£) 3.50

10-09-09, 13:21
Thomas Lucey was a lighterman. I'll give that will a try, Merry, thanks.

10-09-09, 13:28
I'm afraid that John doesn't seem to have had a daughter Elizabeth. I know it could be her father and he just didn't mention her, but he mentions his wife and two children, William and Rebecca, and his brother and his nephew, so I would think if Elizabeth was his daughter she would be mentioned somewhere in there.

10-09-09, 13:51
I forgot to say, the name Curling did get used as a middle name a bit further down the family tree, so it does seem likely it was Elizabeth's maiden name, but I wish I could find the proof!

10-09-09, 14:45
hAVE YOU LOOKED ON THE lma site in case they were married by licence? That might give father's name if she were a minor.

10-09-09, 15:05
I'm afraid that John doesn't seem to have had a daughter Elizabeth.

Drat! Well, if the surname turns out to be correct, then he may eventually become a relative!

10-09-09, 15:09
I can't see them on there, Phoenix.

Various people who have Elizabeth in their trees say her parents were John Curling and Mary Blackburn, and there is a submitted baptism on the IGI for Elizabeth Curling, 26 Aug 1753, Hernhill, Kent, parents John and Mary. But whether it's my Elizabeth or not, I don't know! I haven't found a burial for my Elizabeth so I don't have her age at death which would help.

10-09-09, 15:22
Herne Hill isn't that far from Bermondsey, but I'd take a fair bit of persuading that it was the right family at that sort of date.

Has anyone looked at the Bermondsey PRs? I'm tied up for the next few Saturdays, but am planning to get to LMA soon.

10-09-09, 16:14
I thought it must be Herne Hill at first, but actually there is a village in East Kent called Hernhill, so that seems even less likely! But of course she could have been born in a village in Kent and gone to London, on the other hand she could be a completely different Elizabeth.

Kind of you to offer, but I would have thought it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, unless the LMA has some indexes?

10-09-09, 16:38
Pre 1800, the parishes aren't so populous and there wasn't the plethora of churches, so a south of the river marriage would be fairly straight-forward. And presumably, if it isn't in Pallots, it's more likely to be there anyway.

10-09-09, 18:24
Well, if you do get the chance that would be great, please!

10-09-09, 21:54
sOME OF THE OTHER jOHN cURLING WILLS WERE FROM kENT.....(BLOOMIN' CAPS LOCK!) Thanet and Sandwich from memory.

10-09-09, 21:59
Yes, I saw some listed on the East Kent Wills Index too, but if the date of 1782 is correct for his death then none of those looked likely to be him. And there are quite a few so I don't really want to pay for them all on the off-chance!

10-09-09, 21:59
*removes Merry's shift key*

10-09-09, 22:02
but if the date of 1782 is correct for his death

Erm, have you told us that yet??!!!

10-09-09, 22:13
Oops, sorry, no! :o I forgot what I'd written on a piece of paper and what I'd posted up! Well, I don't know if it's right or not anyway, as it's just what someone has in their tree.

11-09-09, 07:25
Is this him? (on a tree online)

John Curling
Born: 1723, Hernhill
Marriage: Mary Blackburn on 6 Oct 1744 in Chartham, Kent
Died: 2 May 1782, Hernhill at age 59

There's someone called Nathan on the Kent Lookup Exchange who does Hernhill lookups who could perhaps check the burial for you.


11-09-09, 08:15
Ooh, thanks for that, Merry.