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Durham Lady
08-09-09, 20:05
If someone died in the Ventnor sanatorium? back in 1907 where would they possibly have been buried and would there be parish records available?

I might have some searching to do next time I'm over.

08-09-09, 22:26
You might want to have a look at the Isle of Wight FHS site (ooh, it seems to have had a makeover since the last time I visited it!)
They have an online Church Burials Index on there - I just tried it out and found my 2xg-aunt and her husband listed! Off to update my tree...

Durham Lady
09-09-09, 08:17
Thanks for that link Kite Runner, he's not showing up but I know her died in Ventnor so I'll keep looking.

09-09-09, 08:31
Daphne you could contact Richard Smout, the County Archivist at the RO in Newport, and ask him if there are any registers or any info on the Ventnor TB Hospital. He is very helpful and may be able to find a burial for you.

Durham Lady
09-09-09, 11:42
Thank you Wendy, that's a great idea.