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Jennifer Eccles
08-09-09, 19:59
I have been struggling for a while to find a birth for this woman. I have marriage, death, and on census' 1861, 71, 81, and 91 to her death in 1897. but cannot for the life of me find her birth.
she is: Ann Robinson, born depending on which census we read, either 1825, 6 or 7. born in, again depending on which census, Denstone Staffs, Sudley Derby, Stramshall Staffs, or even Uttoxeter.
she married William Mycock in1853 in stramshall or was it Uttoxeter.. and they lived in Stramshall, Kiddleswick and Uttoxeter .
can anyone help this muddle please?
many thanks.

Mary from Italy
08-09-09, 20:50
As it's such a common name, your best bet is probably to get the marriage cert, which will give you her father's name. That should make it easier to spot her with her parents in 1841 and 1851 (although she may have been in service, of course).

The extracted marriage entry in the IGI links to the BT's for Uttoxeter parish church, which is presumably where they were married.

Jennifer Eccles
08-09-09, 21:11
Thanks Mary, yes it does look like i will need the marriage cert doesn't it.i put Stramshall or Uttoxeter because i was typing the post from memory and got a bit muddled, yes it was Uttoxeter looking at the notes i have.
thanks for your help.

08-09-09, 21:53
bit of a long shot, but it might help

Gender: Female Christening: 28 FEB 1826 Uttoxeter, Stafford, England

sibs William& Sarah
parents thomas & mary

might help in elimination if nothing else

Jennifer Eccles
08-09-09, 21:54
I saw this one Jess and did wonder.. :)