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08-09-09, 15:50
Richard Copas Blinston born 1876 Manchester married Harriett Rowlinson Hill at St Mark's Gorton Manchester in 1897, I don't know Harriett's DOB. I can't find them in 1901. Can anyone else please?

08-09-09, 16:52
Dont have the cert to tell you how old she was I guess?

08-09-09, 16:59
Harriet's birth was registered Apr-Jun 1879 Salford registration district.

08-09-09, 17:33
I'm not having much luck with this at the moment!

I think this is their daughter:

Births Sep 1900
Blinston Frances Threlfall Salford 8d 155

In 1911 the above child and Harriet Blinston aged 32 b Salford are boarding with James Threlfall (head) aged 39. I've not worked out if there's anyone else in the house, but I don't think Richard is there. I'm thinking James is a relative, or maybe even....... James is the father of the child and Richard vanished not long after the wedding :eek:

Or this is completely the wrong family! lol

08-09-09, 17:42

Marriages Dec 1917
Blinston Harriet Threlfall Chorlton 8c 1308

and there's is an untranscribed (ie not on FreeBMD) record for James Thelfall, same page and volume numbers.

It's possible Richard had died in WW1, as there is this record on the CWGC site

Initials: R
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Private
Regiment/Service: King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
Unit Text: 1st Bn.
Date of Death: 01/07/1916
Service No: 3033
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Pier and Face 5 D and 12 B.

No middle name though so it might not be the right Richard.

08-09-09, 17:50
I think that death could be the right one as your Richard was b in Openshaw and would have been about 38 in 1915 (army join-up date) which matches with the army record for the man who died 1st July 1916. (that's the first day of the Battle of the Somme)

08-09-09, 17:53
I can't find Frances in 1901 (or either of her parents)

08-09-09, 18:02
Oh, that's funny - I spotted some army records on ancestry for Richard born Openshaw but I discounted them as soon as I looked at the first page because he said he wasn't married! Maybe it was him after all! I don't think I can get onto ancestry at the moment to look at them, though.

08-09-09, 18:08
I can't find Frances in 1901 (or either of her parents)

Does that mean you know who her father was, lol?!

08-09-09, 18:31
Erm......No. lol!!

Maybe I should have said "or any of her parents"

08-09-09, 20:09
You have been busy while i've been away thanks everyone

In 1881 and 1891 Richard was listed without the middle name Copas which was his mother's maiden name

08-09-09, 22:11
Looking at Richard Blinston's army papers on ancestry, he gives his address as 48 Harold St., Bradford. Then he gives his next of kin as James Blinston (father), 48 Harold St., Bradford, Manchester, and then another address: 12 Lavernum (?) Road, Reddish, Lancs. Pat, was your Richard's father called James?

08-09-09, 22:16
Pat, was your Richard's father called James?

Yes, he was! Elaine found the parents, James and Ellen, on another thread on here.

08-09-09, 22:22
That must surely be him, then. Blinston doesn't seem to be a very common name.

25-06-10, 17:10
My husband's grandmother was Frances Threlfall born 1900. I think Frances Threlfall Blinston and her mother, Harriet, may be related to Richard Copas Blinston. I have found a marriage for James Threlfall and Harriet Blinston on 1917. Frances married under the name Threlfall. Have you got any further with this family? I would love to know! I am waiting for the marriage cert for James and Harriet's wedding.

Olde Crone
25-06-10, 17:49
Harriet Blinston OR Rowlinson married James Thelfall - Chorlton Register Office 1917, Lancsbmd, so Merry's "guess" was correct.


25-06-10, 18:31
Yes, Old Crone, but where did HILL go?!

25-06-10, 18:34
Yes, Old Crone, but where did Mr. Hill go!
Harriet seems to have forgotton him...... also I still can't find them on other census. Anyone found them? Janey.

25-06-10, 18:38
It should be easier to look for them when you have Harriet's marriage certificate, because it should tell you her father's name, though if she was illegitimate it might not, but at least then we will know something.

Olde Crone
25-06-10, 21:15
I'm guessing, but I think Harriet's mother must also have been called Harriet, because:

Harriet E Rowlands
Thomas W Hill

1886, Manchester Hulme St Michael.

So, Harriet Rowlinson Hill born 1887, would be their daughter and Rawlinson or whatever, would be her middle name. Perhaps she hated her father and dropped Hill from her name and married as Rawlinson (sp).


26-06-10, 19:57
Oooh, yes, you may have someting there! I'll have to wait and see. Thanks for the ideas!