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08-09-09, 08:37

I'm looking for help of where to start looking into the cause of death of my great grandfather who died in late 1977 in Ipswich, Suffolk. I think it may have been reported in the local newspapers at the time as there was an inquest but i'm not sure. Can anybody give me some pointers?


08-09-09, 08:52
ooh I will get back to you. I had a cert come with cause of death accidental fall, and a coroners reference I e mailed a couple of places in Suffolk to ask for them to check the local papers for the inquest report. One did find it and copy and send to me for about £2.

Maybe e mail the record office first?

Mary from Italy
08-09-09, 08:54
Your first step is to get the death cert, which will tell you the cause of death, and should say whether there was an inquest or not.

The Ipswich library should have local newspapers; you could try e-mailing them.

08-09-09, 08:57
Just better check - was it 1977 or perhaps 1877?

08-09-09, 08:57
Ok - I'll try and find an email address for the Ipswich library...and 1977. If there was an inquest I think it would have been in early 1978

08-09-09, 09:01
Try this email address:

[email protected]

Sorry about questioning the year! I have a great-grandfather who died in 1894 and some great-grandparents who died in 1962, so it could have been either!

08-09-09, 09:03
Isn't it strange I came across the copy they sent me only yesterday when I was sorting out my paperwork!

08-09-09, 09:10
just sent an email to that very address - thank you muchly. can you apply for death certificates if the death is only just over 30 years old. I'm not sure how to go about this as I can't find anything on ancestry

Mary from Italy
08-09-09, 11:11
Yes, but you have to give the exact date of death for deaths less than 50 years ago unless you know the GRO reference.

The full death index hasn't been transcribed yet, so you'll need to look at the images in the COMPLETE index on Ancestry, which you'll find here:


09-09-09, 09:17
thanks - I'll have another look at ancestry. Apparently the suffolk library only keep the last year of newspaper copies on file

09-09-09, 10:04
Maybe Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich branch) will have the old newspapers on microfilm?

11-09-09, 07:35
i've just had a response from them - they do but i'll need to send off a request for them to do the research for me...bit difficult from new zealand!

Oakum Picker
11-09-09, 08:35
If you can give me an actual inquest date, then add your request to my Suffolk Lookup thread on the Help Offered by Members Forum.

I've looked up several but it can take anything up to half an hour even with the exact date. It is possible to get the whole page in the viewer but impossible to read so it has to be enlarged & all 7 seven columns of each page have to be scanned as the Inquest reports can be anywhere.

13-09-09, 08:40
Hi - I can give it a go, but I'm not sure of the exact dates, only that it took part in the first couple of months of 1978. I'll have a look now...and many thanks for the heads up