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07-09-09, 23:14
Can I ask for us census help please??? I have been messing about with this branch of the Goymers for couple days as looking for a link for someone and its doing my head in ;;

I have them Thomas Goymer
wife Sophia nee Hicks ,,,,,,,,,,,

with following family but think some of these kids could be wrong as I saved a wrong census for them for 1851, which I still cannot find right one ;;;thanks

here is the 1861

Source: RG9; Piece: 1125; Folio: 126; Page: 5; GSU roll: 542758.

They married on 19 Nov 1839 and Sophia died in 1877

07-09-09, 23:29
This is the correct ones but can I heck find them on census apart from 2 I think

13. THOMAS5 GOYMER (JAMES4, JOSEPH3, THOMAS2, RICHARD1) was born 1814 in Denston, and died Aft. 1881. He married SOPHIA HICKS 19 Nov 1839 in Denston. She was born 1815 in Poslingford, and died in Risbridge RD.
i. ELIZABETH6 GOYMER, b. Risbridge RD; d. Risbridge RD; m. EZEKIEL RUTTER, Risbridge RD; b. 1852.

ii. ALFRED GOYMER, b. Risbridge RD; d. Risbridge RD; m. CAROLINE RICHARDSON, 1871, Risbridge Rd Q4; b. 1851, Poslingford; d. Risbridge RD.

iii. HARRIET GOYMER, b. Risbridge RD; m. DAVID RICHARDSON, 07 Nov 1879, Denston; b. Abt. 1856.

iv. EBENEZER GOYMER, b. Risbridge RD; d. Auckland RD.

v. LOUISA ( ELIZA ) GOYMER, b. Risbridge RD.

vi. GEORGE GOYMER, b. Risbridge RD; d. Auckland RD; m. FRANCES FOREMAN, 23 Dec 1865, Denston; b. 1845; d. Auckland RD.

vii. MARY ANN GOYMER, b. Dec 1840, Risbridge RD; m. WILLIAM LIVERMORE, 25 Jul 1863, Denston.

08-09-09, 00:17
IN 1851 Sophie has been recorded as Mary - think it's the same person though as she has the correct age and birth place

Also Thomas and the children's birthplace is down as Denardiston instead of Denston

Thomas Goymer 1814 Denston
Sophia Goymer 1814 Poslingford

Mary Ann Goymer 1841 Denston
Louisa Goymer 1842 Denston
George Goymer 1844 Denston
Eliza Goymer 1848 Denston
Alfred 1851 Denston
Harriet 1852 Denston
Ebenezer 1854 Denston

1841 HO107; Piece 1032; Book: 8; Civil Parish: Denston; County: Suffolk; Enumeration District: 12; Folio: 7; Page: 6; Line: 10

1851 HO107; Piece: 1787; Folio: 426; Page: 7
1861 RG9; Piece: 1125; Folio: 126; Page: 5
1871 RG10; Piece: 1712; Folio: 146; Page: 12
1881 RG11; Piece: 1823; Folio: 135; Page: 10

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Oh Zoe I thought that then doubted myself and had saved it and then scrapped it ;;

08-09-09, 08:58
Right can anyone find this same family on 41 as dont know how to do wildcards and they are driving me potty already ;;many thanks ;;

08-09-09, 09:47

The 1841 info is in my first post.

If you're using ancestry you get him by searching for Thomas Goymer and he's the one born 1816 living in Denston

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OMG Zoe sorry do need those new specs dont I ;;;?? all I looked at was the 51 one which I had just deleted from the lot of them lol ;;;sorry dear and thanks ;;
Off to check to see if that matching one I found before deleting everything yet again ;;
smacks own hand ;;

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Yep it is many thanks and Just noticed you have given the other years as well ;;;god I must be still tired from the late night the night before ;;;