View Full Version : Baby born 31 May registered Sept??

07-09-09, 19:02
would you say its possible for a baby born 31 May and christened the 20th June to be registered in Sept quarter??? thanks

07-09-09, 19:08
Yes, they could have registered the birth in July and it would still come within the six week limit.

Langley Vale Sue
07-09-09, 19:10
Yes. My grandad was born on 29 May 1900, but registered in September qtr of that year.

07-09-09, 19:52
thanks both of you I might have found my lady under Eliza King instead of Keen right year right area

07-09-09, 20:07
My father wasn't registered for seven weeks and six days after his birth in 1920. I presume my grandfather would have had to pay a fine.

07-09-09, 20:09
thanks but now think the one I found isnt her after all .dont know why I can find her siblings christenings but not hers