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06-09-09, 23:49
Is GENUKI UK pages now finnished I have tried loads of links but cannot get on ???

Muggins in Sussex
07-09-09, 05:46
Neither can I, Babs :confused:- just a message saying "Internet Explorer cannot show the page"

Durham Lady
07-09-09, 06:17
I wondered the same, was trying to get on yesterday. I hope it's not finished, it was one of the best sites for sorting out parishes with good links to info.

07-09-09, 07:44
The Registration district section is still available (thank goodness):


But when you click on the link to GENUKI Contents, the page isn't there. I hope it's just temporary.

07-09-09, 07:47
In the meantime, if you want a GENUKI page and it isn't there, try doing a Google search that would find it, e.g. GENUKI Yorkshire or whatever, and when you find it listed in the search results, click on "Cached" instead of the actual link, and then you will be able to look at Google's saved copy of the page. Though of course the links on that page won't work.

07-09-09, 09:32
Oh but thats dam nuisance isn't it ;;; I love to use that for parishs within the boundrys etc;;

Jeanette in Yorkshire
07-09-09, 10:33
Oh no! Why would it have gone?

07-09-09, 10:42
Lets just hope its a blip Jeanette ;;;I do

Jeanette in Yorkshire
07-09-09, 10:51
I hope so Babs....like you say, it's very useful

07-09-09, 10:59
I just wanted to see the parishes near cowlinge in suffolk but I suppose it helped that it wasnt there as I ended up doing google map and printing page so I know have map showing how close the villages are

08-09-09, 13:06
It seems to be back to normal now.

Jennifer Eccles
08-09-09, 13:52
Babs thats what i normally do, print off an old map of the local area, then IGI the nearest parishes working outwards from the original village.

in fact thats what i have been doing today with a stupid rellie who stated 4 diferent places of birth on diferent census' :(

08-09-09, 14:14
I had to do it as Goymer's spread all over the place in Norfolk/Suffolk ;;;when found on map they are practically the next village lol

Jennifer Eccles
08-09-09, 14:37
this is usually what i find, very often when they have listed a village as place of birth, it turns out that there was not a parish church there, and they are listed on parish records of the (usually) nearest parish. i like having local maps handy as it gives me a clearer indication of how far away villages are from each other etc

08-09-09, 14:40
Yes sure does babe ;;;I was laid last night thinking wouldn't it be wonderful to travel there path back down there and see all the diff places ;;;if I won lotto could just have my chauffeur drive me lol