View Full Version : G.P.O. Hospital Tunbridge Wells

06-09-09, 17:15
Wonder if anyone knows anything about the G.P.O. Hospital at Tunbridge Wells, I believe it may have been used for G.P.O. empoyees with T.B. xxhugxx p.s. I have googled but nothing came up.

Joan of Archives
06-09-09, 19:07
Lindy do you mean the Benenden Hospital? That is still going & it covers Civil Service employees that join whilst in service :



06-09-09, 20:41
Oh I have no idea just that he was in the G.P.O. Hospital that handled T.B. will look at the link thank you xxhugxx

Uncle John
06-09-09, 22:00
Benenden accepts all sorts of folk these days, not just civil servants and PO/BT employees.