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Tilly Mint
06-09-09, 14:57
I have a Jessie Hague on the 1901 census aged 25 born in Yorkshire, but living in Galgate - Lancaster, she is with her Mum and her mums 2nd husband - Robert Johnson - My G Grandfather

I have found a marriage for her (i think) in Eccleshall 1907.

I have looked at the ref for that year - how do i know which man she married:confused: either Ososki or Walsham....

Any pointers please - Thankyou ;)

PS need to have some food - will be back shortly ;)

06-09-09, 14:59
You either look for the men in 1911 and see who their wives are or you try looking for births of babies after 1912 to see if you can match the mmn with either of the men. :)

Tilly Mint
06-09-09, 15:01
Thanks Merry, i'll have a look after my meal :)

06-09-09, 15:04
The wife of David Ososki is Jessie aged 24 in 1911 :)

They have two children, Norman 3 and David 1. David senr is 27.

06-09-09, 15:09
So this Jessie is too young, if that age is right.

06-09-09, 15:47

Marriages Sep 1901

HAGUE Jessie W. Derby 8b 546 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
LYON Esther W. Derby 8b 546
ROBINSON Henry W. Derby 8b 546
WILLMOTT Charles W. Derby 8b 546 <<<<<<<<<<<<<


Charles Willmott 35 living West Brom
Jessie Willmott 35 b Sheffield
Alfred Hange Willmott 8
Charles Hange Willmott 3

Middle name Hague for those children?

06-09-09, 15:50
Births Sep 1902
Willmott Alfred Hague W. Derby 8b 329

Births Dec 1907
Willmott Charles Hague King's N. 6c 477


Tilly Mint
06-09-09, 15:56
Wow... Thanks Merry, so they came to Liverpool to marry :D

I've lots to go on now - 1st time i've had the inclination to "get on" with my tree for ages:d

06-09-09, 17:36
Oh good!

There don't seem to have been any more children after the two on the 1911 census.

Tilly Mint
06-09-09, 17:43
Thanks Merry.

Who's the lady on your aviator?

06-09-09, 17:48
She's my gran :) I think the photo was taken around the start of WW1 when she was about 21/22.

Tilly Mint
06-09-09, 17:54
She's certainly a stunner - looks a happy chappy too :)

06-09-09, 18:31
lol Funny you should say that, because she wrote "Happy Days" on the photo.

Within a year or two she had had a bigamous marriage, her 'husband' had been jailed for theft and she had lost her other love in WW1. :(

Tilly Mint
06-09-09, 19:17
Aww, her "happy days" didnt last too long....

By the way Merry, thats ME on my aviator :d:p

06-09-09, 19:19
By the way Merry, thats ME on my aviator :d:p

I thought it might be! :d

Fi aka Wheelie Spice
07-09-09, 21:23
Jacky, if your Hague family are found to come from Worksop at some point we may be related.