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05-09-09, 14:28
Charles Henry Fenton, born 1836

Last spotted in a newspaper notice in 1904 announcing a performance at theatres in Edinburgh, Newcastle and Birmingham.

In 1901 he was in Manchester (again, due to a being a travelling actor). His wife Kate and family were in Croydon.

His wife is in Hove in 1911 (believe this is because her daughter had married and moved there too). She states she's a widow but has still filled in the marriage/children information. She says her marriage has lasted 45 years.

Charles and Kate married in April 1864. Adding 45 to that only gets to 1909 so I have a suspicion that may be when he died. But even with this info I can't spot his death.

He's very flexible with his birthdate due to being a vain actor and can lose anything up to 10 years when the whim takes him.

Does anyone have time to take a look and see what I'm missing, please?


05-09-09, 15:31
There are these two deaths:

Deaths Jun 1907
FENTON Charles 75 Holborn 1b 361

Deaths Sep 1907
Fenton Charles 73 Camberwell 1d 363

which I wondered about. There is a carman aged 67 in Newington in 1901 who might possibly be one of the above, but there's no other likely fits for the 'other' one of the above as far as I could see. Obviously another Charles might have moved/visited London though!

Personally, my money is on the Holborn one (of these two)

05-09-09, 15:35
Cheers Merry.

I had spotted the Holborn one as they were in that district at one point living Gt Ormond Street. Didn't sit true that, after spending his life gradually lopping years of his age, he'd gained 4 years when he died.

Might just have to order it as it does seem to be the most suited.

tempted to order with reference checking for both those matches but that's dependent on the person at the GRO having the ability to be flexible over an actor/comedian/performer etc


05-09-09, 15:37
Didn't sit true that, after spending his life gradually lopping years of his age, he'd gained 4 years when he died.


Oooh, my maths went a bit pear shaped! lol

Maybe the person he was lodging with had to guess?

05-09-09, 15:40
Aaaaah - even better. When you said Newington in 1901 I thought of SToke Newington which is North London near the Finsbury/Islington districts - so a possible for HOlborn too.

But, it's Newington in Southwark, right next to Camberwell.

Sorted - thank you for talking me through that LOL