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Sunny Kate
05-09-09, 03:40
As my Ancestry subs ran out just before they released the Criminal Records I'm curious to know whether there is more information to be found on
James Barlow, convicted at Lancaster Quarter session and sentenced to 14 years.
He was transported to NSW aboard the Royal Admiral that departed England 1 July 1830 and eventually gained his Certificate of Freedom in 1845
I would love to know his crime!

There was also a Charles Barlow, sentenced to 7 years also transported on the Royal Admiral on that same voyage. Perhaps they were brothers? cousins?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Gert in Oz
05-09-09, 05:31
Theres a James Barlow from the Easter sessions 1830, Larceny from a person, transportation 14 years, Class: HO 27; Piece: 39; Page: 408

Charles Barlow, Larceny before convicted of felony, Easter sessions again. 7 Years transportation, Class: HO 27; Piece: 39; Page: 404


Durham Lady
05-09-09, 06:32
Sylvia, they don't give any other information. It's just a copy of the page in the book with the information that you have written down.
There's a lot of James and Charles Barlow's listed, how the heck do you decide which one is yours :d

Gert in Oz
05-09-09, 07:31
Daphne, i was going on the date of transportation and the years of sentence Kate gave, those 2 where the ones that seemed to fit.

Though not knowing how long it was between sentencing and transportation, i could be wrong.

Will have to see what Kate thinks when she comes back


Mary from Italy
05-09-09, 22:20
The James and Charles Barlow transported on the Royal Admiral were both convicted at Lancaster Quarter Sessions on 26 April 1830.


Pity they don't give the exact dates in the criminal registers.

Sunny Kate
06-09-09, 01:41
Thanks for that info re crimes and date. The time frame fits well with their departure in July.
I wonder at the difference in their crimes and why Charles earned the lesser sentence when his sounds more serious.
It's just speculation that they were related in some way and coincidence that James named one of his sons Charles.

Mary, thanks for the exact date. Looks like they didn't have to spend too long waiting for their voyage out here.

Of course it might not be my James - a distant cousin thinks he was sentenced at Northampton Assizes and arrived on the Fairlie in 1833.

Gert in Oz
06-09-09, 05:57
Putting James Barlow and Northampton in with no date, brings up no matches, i tried soundex too.


Uncle John
06-09-09, 14:14
Putting James Barlow and Northamton in with no date, brings up no matches, i tried soundex too.

Was that a typo? Northampton has a p in it.

Gert in Oz
06-09-09, 14:26
It was UJ, thanks have corrected it and rechecked Criminal records for James Barlow Summer assizes 1833 Death for robbery, changed to transportation for life.

Sorry Kate.

*goes away muttering, must remember the P*


Sunny Kate
07-09-09, 03:56
Thanks Sylvia.

I wonder what the difference was between robbery and larceny because there sure is a difference in the sentences.
I doubt that is my James though he is the only other possibility that fits timewise.
Think I'd better look up where Northampton (with a p) is situated because my James claimed to have been born in Manchester which is why Lancaster seems to be the right one. His death and marriage certs don't have any useful info.

Mary from Italy
07-09-09, 09:41
I think (but I'm not absolutely sure) that larceny is straightforward theft, and robbery includes violence.

Northampton's nowhere near Manchester.

07-09-09, 10:54
I think (but I'm not absolutely sure) that larceny is straightforward theft, and robbery includes violence.

I think that too, plus robbery is with the threat of violence, whether used or not.

Muggins in Sussex
07-09-09, 18:52
I think it too!! Larceny was the theft of property -( Now called theft following the introduction of the Theft Act in 1968)

Gosh - I knew something :d (hope it's right, LOL)

Sunny Kate
08-09-09, 03:41
Mary, Merry and Muggins,

Thanks for your input re the differences. That accounts for the differences in the lengths of the sentences then - just 14 years for the lesser larceny and life for robbery.

Think I'll stick with James the larcenist!!:d

Muggins in Sussex
08-09-09, 06:11
Hi Kate ...I expect you've already seen this.. http://www.lancastercastle.com/html/convict/default.php

There is a James Barlow on it, but it doesn't look like yours

Sunny Kate
09-09-09, 04:34
Thanks Joan, I had seen that and I agree it's unlikely to have been him.