View Full Version : Researching a war memorial has given me a puzzle.

Lynn the Forest Fan
04-09-09, 21:09
I am currently researching the names of the men listed on my local war memorial commemorating those who died during the Great War. I hae only just recently started, but am confused with one family.

The first 2 names on the memorial are Major Robert & Lieut. Charles Wright. I have found them both on the CWGC, with parents listed as Charles & Isabel Maugerite Wright of Willingham House, Market Rasen. The problem is that they are listed on the memorial in South Anston, Yorkshire & according to local books, Charles & Isabel lived at Anston Hall, in North Anston. They were obviously a well off family, could they possibly have 2 homes? Could someone please check the 1901 census for me, to see where they were living then?
Their sons were 33 & 28 when they died in November 1917.

Many thanks

Mary from Italy
04-09-09, 21:44
The Hall, North Anston.

04-09-09, 21:52
I understand the forms sent out asking people about the next of kin details for dec'd soldiers were not issued until well into the 1920s (hence why a lot of war widows had remarried by the time they came to fill in the forms), so perhaps the parents had moved house by then? Presumably the war memorial was erected sooner, or in a place where they were known as children?

Lynn the Forest Fan
04-09-09, 22:29
Thanks Mary.

I think that the CWGC was done in 1921, because I understand that people dying after that date, weren't included. It is possible that they may have moved, but it seems odd as this had been the Wright family home for at least 100 years.
Nice to see you again Merry btw :)

Olde Crone
04-09-09, 22:36
I would imagine the Hall was the family's ancestral seat and Willingham House was where they actually lived most of the time.


Lynn the Forest Fan
05-09-09, 06:27
It just seems strange that they are nowhere near each other, being in totally different counties, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, although it was interesting that both men were in the Lincolnshire Yeomanry.

Lynn the Forest Fan
05-09-09, 07:43
Well, I have just googled Willingham House & discovered that it had been inherited by the Wrights, sometime after 1905 when the last member of the owners,the Boucherett family, died. Charles Wright senior became the first member of the Wright family to own it.
it is amazing what you find on google! :)